Thursday, January 28, 2010

Down and Out

Went to WW today... and i gained .6 of a pound. totally bummed because i worked so hard this week... my best weekend yet... errr...

funny that i just read jenny glenny's blog and she was wondering if stress was related to weight gain... i was so going to blog about that today...

i have been very stressed this week with report cards being due and conferences coming up...and realizing that there just isn't enough time in a day to get things done.... ugh.

so the new number is 147.0... less then six months and seventeen pounds to go... hoping for a better weigh in next week. i will keep you updated.

love you.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just one more raisinette, please.

another day... report cards are just about finished... just need to get those writing grades finished. ugh. i was at work until 7:00 tonight doing math grades and attendance...ridiculous.

usually i would be eating junk and drinking wine during this stressful time but instead i am just dragging myself through it with exercise.

tim made me a healthy dinner tonight.. grilled chicken with a salad... and some olives... it was delicious. he also bought chocolate covered raisins home... good ones...not raisinettes...but good ones from the Fresh Market... I only ate seven of them and i wanted to eat the whole bag but tim was good and put them right away...thinking about those little guys right now...

weigh day tomorrow. hoping to lose half of a pound.

til then.
love you.

NO cravings


You're right. A glass of wine and a full body massage beats anything else for doubt!

Just noticed yesterday that any cravings I was having are greatly diminished...I'm not thinking about food all day. I really think that drinking the water and daily exercise contribute to that.

This is National Nurse Anesthetists Week and the Docs had a luncheon for us yesterday. They had it catered and I ate the nost delicious chicken salad ever...had 3 servings of it ( and one awesome chocolate cookie w my coffee) but I was SO full all day I had practically NO dinner.When I jumped on the scale this AM, I was at 202.5. I'll take it (this is an unofficial weight, BTW).

All is going well. Have a good day.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Glass of Wine??!!

destressing... i think a glass of wine and a full body massage is a great way to destress! looking forward to report card, conferences and observations to be finished in a less then three weeks.

exercise has been going good here also... i am loving that i have the day off tomorrow! believe it or not, knowing that i don't have to work out tomorrow helped my workout today... it is all mental... made those last ten minutes so much nicer...

glad to hear you are feeling better from exercise! I can't wait to hear when you fit in those pants...that will be such an exciting day!

heading to girls' night tonight with a couple of friends from high school... grilled chicken salad is on the menu...

love you...


Yes. it can get a little crazy sometimes.
My mottos: Keep it simple AND don't sweat the small stuff.
So, when u have a few minutes at work - or while you're driving there, use that time to think about how you can streamline your workday. How can u multi task so that , maybe, you could leave a little earlier or get there a little later, or incorporate some of your exercise while at work (stair walking, ex) or maybe eat a bite or two of your lunch between classes so u can use ur lunch time more efficiently ( for you)or maybe eat your dinner on the way home in the car (takes some planning). Speak with the more experienced teachers and see how they handle their days - many of them are parents and are forced to streamline at the job.
Spend a LITTLE time on the weekends (an hour maybe) to prep for the week so that you're not crazy during the week.
SIMPLIFY! What are you making complicated that could be a lot simpler? Consult the experienced teachers. Wouldn't it be nice to figure this out early on in your career instead of 10 years from now?
I'm exercising at least 5 days a week and I'm feeling great. I'm not so concerned about the lbs as I am about being pain free, having some stamina, sleeping well and controlling my reflux (goin good) and sleep apnea (also improving). Of course. losing mass is helpful, too and I'm toning up & slimming down - jeans are getting loose. Short term goal = 195 lbs. Then I can get into the cords cargo pants I bought from LL Bean last year. Once there, i'll set a new short term goal.

Have a good day!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Stress of Life

starting to feel the stress of life... i realize there is just not enough time in the day... up at the crack of dawn... early to work to plan and get materials ready for school... teaching straight until 5 with a 30 minute lunch/bathroom break... getting home at 6... working out until 6:45... showering until 7:15ish... by the time i have dinner it is 7:30 and then it is time for blogging and bed and i am exhausted! and then it starts all over again... ugh.

enough ranting... i love and look forward to my weekends...:)

eating and exercising is going good... i had my favorite soup today but only half of it... and i ate half of a garlic stick. then i filled myself with salad! making healthy choices has been getting much easier...

onto tomorrow.
love you.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

27 Dresses

Hi, AT,
I can't belive how easy this weekend was compared to the last party weekend. Jenny's on WW, too. We looked out for each other AND we had a TON of fun at the parties. See! You can have fun without stuffing yourself and without drinking too much - totally do-able. This visualization stuff really works! Thanks for the tip!!

What a great weekend! this has been the best weekend yet in january.

we got dresses for our girls... hard finding dresses for one pregnant girl and one maybe pregnant girl!:) ugh. at least i will look skinny compared to them up there on my wedding day;):)

need to start report cards today. they are due this week... can't wait until the month of february is over...such a stressful time during the school year.

6.5 pounds!
You will hit the big ten mark before you know it!

love you.

six months and sixteen pounds to go...

Weigh-in day for AT

HI! This morning I weigh a solid 203 lbs. I'll take it.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Think Monday morning

Have fun at the party and enjoy your weekend with Jenny. Remember to eat a light meal or have a healthy snack before the party.

On Monday morning, I'm going to read how you sailed through the party weekend with flying colors. I can hear it now:

"Hi, AT,
I can't belive how easy this weekend was compared to the last party weekend. Jenny's on WW, too. We looked out for each other AND we had a TON of fun at the parties. See! You can have fun without stuffing yourself and without drinking too much - totally do-able. This visualization stuff really works! Thanks for the tip"


Friday, January 22, 2010

Another Party Weekend

here we go again... another weekend... i am taking my girls dress shopping tomorrow afernoon and we are going to lunch afterwards... and then i have a party tomorrow night in wilmington. food, food, and more food. think the food weekends should slow down by the end of february...hopefully.

i am definitely going to use the visualizing technique tomorrow morning before i even walk out the door.

tim is in texas this weekend for a friend's wedding. i wish i could of gone with him but with our wedding coming up it just wasn't financially smart. soooo... i miss him already... but jenny glenny will be landing from Blacksburg VA in just less than an hour so i know that will make me feel better.

bring on the weekend. i will keep you updated.

love you.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Good workout today

First thing this morning I discovered a discrepancy in one of my brokerage accounts. I was so angry bc I thought they were trying to pull a fast one on me (turns out it was just a stock split and everything is OK). But anyway, because i was so mad and the adenalin was flowing, i had the BEST workout yet.Got thru my exercise tape totally and in record time- like being on steroids :)

I still haven't started pole walking. it's too cold. But I'm perfectly happy doing my tape. When this tape gets too easy, I have a tape that's a little harder adn more intense.

Congrats on the 10 lb mark - I'm so proud of you and I'm glad you're not beating yourself up for the lapse over the weekend...that's smart.

Goodnight. Love you.

The Big Ten

Went to WW tonight... and... i lost 1.2 pounds! I can't believe it especially after what i did to myself on saturday... makes me realize that if get back on track with eating healthy and running, one random day won't ruin my goal. the new number is 146.2!! 16.2 pounds to go! I know that the weight coming off will slow down soon... it only makes sense but it feels good to lose ten pounds since christmas.

i figured i need to lose 3 pounds a month to see 130 by july 24th... i really need to stay focused on that weight loss...

continuing to exercise, eating my daily points, and giving into cravings sometimes... i had a girl scout cookie too!!:)

can't wait til tomorrow! Jenny Glenny is coming to town.

love you.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Quiet Day

I absolutely loved having off today. loved it. i didn't love having a numb face for most of the day from my dentist appointment... good news is that i didn't eat a lot today. i had a latte lite for for lunch and a bowl of tomato soup for dinner. I also had some Mcdonalds ice cream for dessert (only 3 points!!) soft and mushy meals... and probably the same thing for the next few days...weigh in at WW tomorrow... hoping to lose at least a half a pound. fingers crossed.

til then...
love. treesa.

Hang in there!

You're doing great - keep going in the right direction.

They started a Biggest Loser contest at work today. I was going to enter til I found out that the guys and the girls are in the same category - there's no way I'd ever win that, so forget that.

Overall doing good. Sunday is weigh in day and I feel like a dropping some ounces anyway. Work provides a good routine. Unlike my previous job (where I could eat all day long) I can only eat at lunch & break, which helps a lot and since I don't like to eat after 6PM, I don't eat after work either. Feeling a lot more in controp. Even had a girl Scout cookie today - just one. That NEVER happens. but you know what? They don't taste as good as they used to.

Gotta go. Getting tired.

Love you

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Special Guest!

Today was an okay day. back to my routine. i feel hungry tonight. i ate a few peanuts and crunched on a few high fiber crackers but i am still really hungry. i made myself a cup of tea... and watching biggest loser... hoping this will help the craving...

i took the day off tomorrow... i have a dentist appointment in the morning and figured i would take the day off so I can get things done here at home... i need to go the post office to renew my passport. i also need to get to the bank. i would love to clean out my car and really straighten up the bedroom.

jenny glenny is coming this weekend! i am so excited! hoping to get everything organzed and clean by the time she gets here... i think i may even open up my gifts that my students gave me... can you believe that i haven't opened up all my christmas presents yet?! Eeeek!

love you.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Back on the Band Wagon

it was a rough weekend. rough.

but i thought to myself i can go two ways... give up and go back to eating everything in sight or get focused and think wedding dress...i am choosing wedding dress.

not expecting much from the scale this week but i went back to my 23 points and exercising. hoping i won't gain after the fiasco i did to myself on saturday.

visualizing. should of done that on saturday morning before all the parties started. ugh.

til tomorrow.
love you.

visualization technique for handling parties

I used to use this whenever I went to a party or any place with lots of food...don't party much these days - it got old : )

Before the party I woud imagine that it was the morning after the party.
In my imagination, I wake up feeling especially thin and comfortable. I look in the mirror and am happy with what I see. I congratulate myself for being sane in my choices and for drinking a lot of water (instead of alcohol) at the party. I had a really good time at the party, got to taste everything without getting too full, talked to a lot of nice people,and when the party was over was feeling very proud of myself for eating like a normal person. Then I make sure that I DON'T go to the party hungry.

Another trick is to find some thin looking female at the party and watch what SHE eats, then follow suit. Then talk to her.

The problem with alcohol is that it releases one's inhibitions AND increases one's appetite. In fact, when we have patients who aren't eating enough, a glass of wine or a cocktail before the meal is recommended...who knew?

So back on track, you now have a cool tool for the next party.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Human Garbage Disposal

party number 2 was a disgrace. an absolute disgrace. i ate everything in sight. it started off with a diet coke... not so bad but then i saw the buffalo chicken dip and chips...i dipped everything in the buffalo chicken dip... crackers, pretzels, chips, my finger. ugh.

then i ate sour cream and onion chips. and i mean i ate them.

then i ate dinner... pasta, salad and half of a roll...

then i ate dessert and i tore that dessert table up... i had a brownie, 5 pieces of candy, another brownie, and a few pepperidge farm cookies... and i ended with one last piece of a candy. holy moly.

woke up this morning to meet some old college friends in lancaster... i ate an egg white omelet and a piece of wheat toast and drank a cup of coffee... hoping to slow down today and get back on the band wagon.

didn't succeed this weekend but i hope to get focused again... hoping to drop at least .5 pound this week.

CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR TWO AND A HALF POUND LOSS! woot! woot!! hold a five pound bag of sugar in your hand... thats how much you lost!! it's alot!

love you.

Down 2.5 lbs

I weighed myself this AM and am down 2.5 lbs - a total of 5.5 lbs. I'm very happy and feeling much better.

Yesterday, I was putting Xmas stuff away and discovered the candy that Nonni has been hiding from me. Oh well. one piece won't hurt. About 10 pieces later, I had an orange and a big glass of water and started over - I'm OK now...and I still lost weight, amazingly.

Took the day off from exercise yesterday but did a lot of stuff around the house so was realtively active.

I spend part of Sunday shopping for and prepping food for the week always making sure that I don't run out of good stuff to eat. I have to get Nonni to find another hiding place for her sweets.

All in all, doing well. Jeans are getting a little looser.

Love you

Saturday, January 16, 2010

parties, parties, and more parties.

so far, so ugh.

last night i had two glasses of wine and snacked on pizza goldfish and peanuts. then i went out to dinner and ate half of a grilled chix wrap with ceaser dressing on the side. i ate a few french fries too.

this morning i had a baby shower...i ate 3 tea sandwiches that were cucumber with wheat bread. i ate 5 shrimp. i drank a cup of punch. and ate half of a bagel with cream cheese. yea it was rough. i stayed away from cake though!

then i got home around 2 and was hungry again so i ate some more peanuts and pizza gold fish.

in my head i am thinking... well i have been eating all day i might as well eat all night too at the next party but then i thought wait... i need to blog.

i know this party will have chips/dips/crackers/cheese/pasta/bread/ everything i love! i need to stop eating while i am ahead and not eat a ton of calories tonight and put the weight back on that i just lost. this is so hard. and it makes me realize how weak i am really am at this stupid eating healthy thing. i love to eat junk food...errr...

i will fill you in on the party tomorrow! have a wonderful saturday!

Love you.

Friday, January 15, 2010


I am so proud of you - you're doing great!!!! You're going to look FAB in that wedding dress. And then you can show off those pictures forever.

I am on my 5th day in a row of exercise - only 15 minutes of low impact stuff with 20 min of stretching but what a difference! I feel wonderful and my energy level has soared...a combo of regular exercise, being off the sugar and the fact that I'm LOVING my new job!
On the weekends, I'm going to do my strength training and I hope to start walking with my poles as the weather is getting a little more seasonably mild.
More than losing weight, I just want to be strong. I'm tired of looking so old and huffing & puffing. Also, I cognited that if I lose the fat, I'll WALK instead of waddle and walking will be far more enjoyable.
Thinking about entering a walking race - wouldn't that be cool.

Love you

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Woot! Woot!!

just got back from WW and i lost 3.6 pounds! holy moly! the new number is 147.6...down 8.6 pounds...18.4 pounds to go. woot! woot!!

my exercise schedule has been wonderful. i made it a little easier on myself then i usually do when i try to lose weight... i am working out for forty minutes only on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and I LOVE those three days of rest. I am hoping that those four days become a habit for me. i figured i would start strength training in March... working those arms for the wedding dress.

i have been really working hard sticking to those 23 points a day... great snack ideas that have been working is a low fat cheese stick, Special K crackers, Fiber One bars and Oranges! I also eat chocolate everyday. yesterday i had a godiva dark chocolate candy... it was delicious!!! i savored every moment of it.

off to bed. hoping to make it through the weekend with three parties and a happy hour. ugh.

love you. treesa

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Doing good!

HI! Day #4 on the new job coming up and the way it's working out is really good for the diet. Finalization of shift hours is 1100-1930.
I have to exercise some discipline regarding this new shift or else I'll just sleep,eat & work. So I'm getting up around 0530, I give myself 45 minutes to wake up and I do some trading while I do that.
Then I exercise - finally got that in as part of this routine - 3 days in a row of low impact aerobics and yoga-style stretching - feels SO much better even after only a few days. The pain in my right knee is completely gone and my back feels better too.
Also, I make sure that I get at least one thing done around the house before I go to work - like tidying up an area - something like that so I'm not overwhelmed on the weekends.
I have my big meal of the day at lunch @ 130-200, dinner (lighter fare) at my late afternoon break and I munch on veggies or a protein bar on the way home.I make myself go to bed at 9PM so I can get up early.
Anyway, I finally GET that daily exercise is a PRIORITY not just for weight loss but for a strong and flexible body which makes every aspect of home and work life easier.
I really want to start pole walking (already have the poles) and I was watching a video on race walking - I used to race walk - great exercise and fun, too.
Love you. Have a great day!

chicken chili

tim made me the best chili tonight. i usually don't like chili but it was so good. it had chicken, beans, corn, tomatoe, 4 different kinds of peppers, garlic, onions and so much more! we sprinkled some cheese and a dollop of sour cream. it was so delicious. i love wednesday dinners:)

Today was another good day... i seem to have the structure down which helps me with my eating... i like routine and my new way of eating has slowly fit into it now.

heading to weight watchers tomorrow. see what their scale says. hopefully i stayed within two pounds of the goal weight.... fingers crossed...

love. treesa.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

biggest loser

i love tuesday nights. it is the only day of the week that i get the tv. i don't have television in my bedroom, and my dad watches what he wants the rest of the week. biggest loser is usually the show i watch on tuesdays but starting up tonight is american idol...

Thank goodness for DVR... maybe i will get up early on sunday and watch AI!

i had a good day today. definitely wanted to keep eating after dinner but ate an orange and drank some hot tea and that seemed to calm the craving...

bring on Wednesday!

love. treesa.

Monday, January 11, 2010

After work hour...

i always think everyone has a certain time of day when they just want to eat. some people are always hungry at bed time. some are hungry at around 3. some get hungry at that time right before dinner. i like to call that time "dangerous"

Back when i was in college... jenny glenny and i would sing karaoke to get through that time... i wish i had a fun roommate to sing with to keep my mind off my stomach. think tim will step up the plate?!

now a days. i don't get home until 6 and then i work out until 7 and that seems to get me over that frustating hump.

another day down. another day closer.

love you!


Down 5.5 pounds - that's fabulous! You're an inspiration.

Followed through on my stuff yesterday - grocery shoppiong, etc. Stymied by the installation of a new sound system - neighbor here for 6 hours setting it up - no exercise, AS SOON AS I FINISH THIS BLOG I'M PUTTING IN MY DVD AND DOING IT!!
First day on the new job today - should be interesting!


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Extra Holiday Weight. GONE!

Drum Roll please... 150.5! Down 5.5 pounds. woot! woot!! twenty and a half pounds until my goal weight... and less then seven months to go...

i had a great time at the party yesterday... i ate good... i had one glass of wine and then switched to diet coke. i ate no appetizers... chewed gum... and for dinner i ate a BIG salad, olives, green beans and a little bit of delicious pasta salad.

for dessert i had about twenty m & ms. i turned down cake and other pastries.

Paul, Kim, Dan, Amanda, Tim and I went to Kildares in KOP last night from 10:30 until about 1am... Everyone decided they were hungry again and ordered Loaded French Fries and Chicken Wings. I didn't touch any of it even though it smelled and looked delcious! I was so happy when the last french fry was eaten and I didn't have to look at it anymore!

We were invited to a brunch today with friends. ugh. more temptation. i hate weekends. but i have to go, i love seeing everyone. i am going to chew gum, eat some fruit and portion out some eggs...and chew gum again. chewing gum seems to work wonders.

Next weight update will be on thursday at my WW weigh-in. Congratulations on 3 pounds of weight loss! it's great to see numbers going down!

Good luck with tomorrow... it is so nice to know that you are working so close to home now. i love it.

Love you.

Drum roll, please!

This morning's weight is 206.5 lbs Sunday Jan 10 2010
I'm down 3 lbs for the week. WOO-HOO!! Headed in the right direction!
This morning I'm going grocery shopping & stocking up on all the good things I need to be successful on this new eating regime AND I'm going to have to insist that Nonni *really* hide the goodies from me AND I have to get the chips out of sight, too - way too much temptation.
So I'm feeling good this AM despite my setback yssterday...back on top!!
This coming week will be a little tough - developing a new routine and starting the new job, but I'm really looking forward to it. No more getting up at o'dark thirty,no more packing clothes and food for the week, able to come home everyday after work, sleeping with my puppy every is good!

I heaard the party was a lot of fun. Did you dance yourself silly?

Love you

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Good & Plenty

Frick! I found the box of Good & Plenty's (my favorite) Nonni got for me for Xmas which was in my stocking and then I told her to hide them from me. I opened a cabinet and there they were. So I ate a few handfuls of them before I regained consciousness and threw the rest of them in the big trash can in the garage. But then I saw the chocolates that Nonni was supposed to hide from me and I started eating them...not a good day.
I think I'm back on track, now.

INteresting! The one thing I failed to do this morning was blog about this diet. it was downhill after that. DIDn't drink my water, never took my vitamins, stopped at DD for a bran muffin (not on my diet), ate the candy - Oh! and still not exercising.

One positive thing I did was order a ton of those protein bars. They make a great snack when I'm hungry but unable to get to a kitchen. I'm going to keep some in my car to avoid trips to DD and I'll take one to work everyday for break instead of hitting the candy machine. I'm going to buy a case of water tmr and keep it in my office so i always have plenty of water upstairs. Sometimes I get tied up in my office and just won't go downstairs for water. The water is so important. I have my low impact exercise DVD in my office and will exercise there cause I really don't like exercising in the basement which is where all the equipment is now. When this cold snap breaks , I'm going to walk with walking poles...good for upper body, too.

Hope the party went OK. Start the new job Monday. Sure it will be fine.


Out for the night.

I am getting ready for the night. i am hoping all goes well tonight at the party. i think that knowing that i am posting my weight tomorrow will help me not over eat. i am thinking about chewing gum through appetizers... eating my dinner... and chewing gum through the dessert. and dancing for exercise!! :)

i got control top panty hose to wear tonight... hoping that will tuck in my back fat and hips!:)

hope all is well with you! are you ready to head back to work on monday?! it will be here before you know it.

Happy Saturday!


Friday, January 8, 2010

party pooper.

i love a friday. today was the easiest day so far. i had a two hour delay today and it was amazing! extra two hours of sleep! love it!

today i had a latte and enjoyed every sip of it. it was so good.

i am dreading the weekend. weekends are so hard for me. i have a party tomorrow night. tim and i always go to DD on saturday AND sunday. we split a donut, a bagel and i get a latte. a tough habit to break.

anytime i am at party, i eat and i eat and i eat. i don't know how to stop nor do i want to... so i am hoping that saturday night goes okay. i plan on visualizing what i am going to eat and what i am not going to eat...

I have a great dad. he really is amazing. thinks of others all the time. love him too.

okay. i am off to eat a Blackened Chicken Salad with Ranch dressing on the side.

love you. enjoy your weekend!


Pampering the body

HI! So I went for my back-sial and facial yesterday at La Spina (compliments of your Mom & Dad's GC). It was amazing. I was there for 2 hours. I was in a room which is nice and warm, dimly lit, candle light and soft music - dozed off a few times. and the facial was great, too. Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!

Overall, a good day diet wise...but no exercise.Once again, my eight million things to do got in the way and everytime I finish one thing something else pops up - WTF?!

Note to self: Exercise first and everything else will get done eventually.

Looking forward to a good day. I got credentialed for my new job so I'm good to go on Monday morning. WOO-HOO!

Nonni made an outstandingly delicious omelet for dinner last night - spinach, feta cheese and some home made home fried potatoes with onion - so good! Frozen cherries for dessert.

I can't believe it. Your Dad is outside shoveling our driveway and walk. I love him so much.

And I love you, too.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ways around cravings.

Today was a great day. cravings were little to none. thank goodness. i did eat a sour cream and onion chip tonight but it was a baked chip! i guess there are ways around cravings. i also ate a fudge carmel pop for only 57 calories! got my chocolate for the day. i think that is what i need in my diet most. chocolate. it may be a hormone thing but if i don't get some kind of chocolate a day (liquid or solid form) i am more moody. maybe it is just me but i have always needed a little chocolate in my life.

i did the tredmill today. i do a 40 minute program on it. it is a little over three miles. i figured i would do that 4 times a week. i don't want to burn myself out... sometimes i do that. i run so much that i start to get tired of it. i go from loving it (like i do now) to dreading it ( like i will do in a couple of months).

love the idea of a massage. i have never had one... i thought i would get one after the marathon but that never happened. maybe i can treat myself before the big wedding day! really pamper myself up!

i didn't weigh in today at WW. i was worried that i would be to heavy for my lifetime membership... that and i thought that everyone is going to be joining WW this week because of the free registration deal they have going on... i didn't feel like waiting in a line. i will weigh myself on sunday and post my weight and then definitely go next thursday.

yes i watched the youtube video and very, very true. just knowing that i am committed to this blog everyday makes me think twice about food choices.

i am exhausted. hoping for a two hour delay tomorrow! have a great night and...
Thank goodness it is friday!

love you.

PS. Directions on how to post your blog:
2. Username and Password
4. Type your blog here
5. To add an image--click on the Add Image button.
6. When you are finished. click the ORANGE PUBLISH POST BUTTON

Hope this helps with your blogging image questions!

Reaching your goal is assured!

It's so great that your friends are on WW, too. Reaching your goal is assured! The more support, the better. Did you get a chance to watch that Youtube 59 second clip?

That was so nice of Tim to do that for you. Avacado on a sandwich. That sounds really good!! I love avacado. BTW, you have a good guy, there.

This morning I got up and was wanting something sweet. I know there's candy & cookies in the house. But then I remembered that I have to blog you and that snapped me out of it. Had 2 oranges instead.

Since I start the new job on Moday, I'm racing to catch up with everything that needs doing here in the house and in my trading studies...exercise is suffering but I've actually scheduled exercise right after my online class at 0800 this mmorning.

This afternoon, going to La Spina to get a back-sial (facial for the back). This will help me appreciate my body and take better care of it.

I feel like I'm getting into the swing of things, thinking more like a skinny (healthy)person and eating accordingly. Nonni is very supportive of my efforts and tries not to place any temptation in my way, though she's always offering food to me - I think it's just a Mother thing - wanting survival for the offspring, you know : )

Gotta go. Love you. Have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

tuna sandwich w/ no mayo.

Tonight is wednesday night. tim always makes me the best dinners on wednesday nights. he sometimes has a hard time making them healthy for me but tonight he did. he is making me a tuna sandwich on wheat bread with onion, tomatoe and avocado. instead of mayo he added lemon juice, a little bit of oil, dijon mustard and salt and pepper. he then cut up some tomatoes and added salt and pepper on them as our side. delicous.i bought a new candy bar i haven't seen in the stores yet. it is called a Three Muskateers Truffle crisp. it has two sticks and one stick is chocolate stick is only 85 calories. 2 points! i love chocolate so what a great way to get it!

i am taking vitamins... i am taking One A Days every morning. i am not a fan of the big horse pills so i bought the gummi ones for adults. and i love them!

today was better. three girls at lunch are doing WW too so we are helping each other out with point ideas and staying on track. also, jenny glenny, is doing WW too so I have been reading her blogs to help me out... they are great. we are a follower of her blog so if you can, definitely check it out.

not sure if i am losing weight yet... don't feel it in my size 8 pants but i have to keep reminding myself that i want this weight to come up slow... i have seven months. i don't want to rush it and think i need to see change right away. then i will definitley get discouraged.

Wow! outback steakhouse. you are brave. i would end up eating a bloomin' onion, bread, salad with ranch dressing and big bowl of potato soup! i am proud of you for going to such a great place in only the beginning of our way to healthy eating!

i had my chip. it was delicious. thank you for reminding to eat what i crave. you are right. i might of ended up eating a whole bag.

thank you for all your support. i loved reading your latest blog. i can't wait to feel thin and have that skinny attitude. i am so happy we are doing this.

love you.

Good morning

Good morning,

Congratulations on the treadmill - you're doing great.

SO IMPORTANT: if you're craving chips, have the chips. Use your optional calories for that...get the small bag. You so can have them. if you make yourself miserable, you'l fail at this diet - guaranteed.

This is what I've done in the past If I crave something, I get in the car, got to the local convenience store, purchase what it is I crave and - for me - I sit in the car and thoroughly enjoy the hell out of it. NO one's around, I focus on the wonderfulness of my treat. THEN, start the car, go home and you'll feel so much better.

If you don't give into these cravings, you'll end up binging. WW addresses this, too. BTW, cravings are a sign of not enough Vit C in your diet. Are you taking vitamins?

By now you should have lost a few lbs and are feeling thinner and lighter (I am), clothes a little looser. FOCUS on the good things and that will create MORE good things. The JOY of how much better your body feels, how awesome you're going to look in that dress, how proud you are of your efforts, the stares you get from guys (hope Tim isn't reading in). When someone notices that you're thinner, say "Thank you very much"...period. Attitude is everything!!

Yesterday afternoon, Nonni & I had dinner w ben diGiacomo at Outback - one of my favorite places to eat. I did eat more than I'd planned, but I stuck to my rules...only one cup of coffee for the day, 10 glasses of water for the day, took my vitamins, no sugar (no dessert) and one small piece of BROWN bread - rice instead of fries. Oh and a teeny glass of the most wonderful wine. I was happily full but not uncomfortably bloated as I usually am after a meal out. NOthing more after that for the day.
My exercise is suffering - so busy handling house stuff this week before I know it the day is over and I hate to exercise at night casue then I can't sleep.

Have a asmall bag of your favorite chips in private, enjoy the hell ot of them and have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

food on the mind.

whenever i have even a second of free time... food is on my mind. maybe it is just a habit to grab something and eat it. like tonight. i am sitting here and thinking about a potato chip. sour cream and onion. Herrs. love those and I KNOW they are somewhere in this house because we had them for the NYE party. but all i do is think about it and sip my cup of hot tea and enjoy my sugar free pudding for dessert. ugh. a chip sounds so much better.

i know it will get better... the first two weeks for me are always the hardest. then i get used to turning down food, walking away, and eating healthier. today i ran on the tredmill for three miles. sometimes i get angry that i have to work so darn hard to be skinny. urks me. i should be thankful that i can even run. and i am.

200 more days until i wear my wedding dress in front of family and friends. 200 days until i marry tim!


3 days to get over an addiction

Check this out - only 59 seconds long

Having each other is one of THE best ways to succeed at our diets.
Love the foto, BTW...excellent visualization material.
It's been my experience that if I can get through the 1st 3 days, the hard part is over. Scientifically, 3 days is how long it takes the body to get over ANY physical addiction - even cocaine, even narcotics, even sugar and fries : )
So the worst is 1/3 over. Focus on how much better you feel already.
Don't let yourself get too hungry. I purchased these low carb protein bars - one of those and a cup of herbal tea and I'm good to go for hours.
Love you. Have a great day.

Monday, January 4, 2010

rough first day.

I always think the first day is hard... trying to break habits that i got into during the past few months... for example... every day at lunch i would buy "white cheddar cheez it" crackers. delicious. getting hungry just thinking about it... but today i didn't even glance at the vending machine. as much as i wanted to.

i go out with a few girls from school every monday night. i usually get a wrap and some french fries. today i split a wrap and a salad with a friend. and i was super hungry still when i finished (so was she!)

i always get scared about weighing myself everyday... it would be so discouraging if i didn't lose anything and i know it might lead me off the track. i know me.

i am uploading a picture of me when i was training for the marathon. the exact weight i want to be again. visualize. i LOVE that!

i hate the first day... it reminds me that there are so many more... i hate the beginning but i am looking forward to the end. july 24th.

Love you!

Heading in the right direction!

LOL! What a GREAT idea taking your own picture. I can take ny own fat picture without involving anyone else.
BTW, I would KILL to weigh a mere 156 lbs. I guess everything's relative.
I'm lovin' this blog.
Now, I know that it's considered poor form to weight yourself everyday but I just HAD to know. So I'm down 3 whole lbs this morning just letting go of the water weight and BOY! does even that small amount feel so much better. I'm headed in the right direction. WOO-HOO!
Photo to come. Love you.


In the spirit of focusing on how I want to look, I'm uploading a pic of me taken about 20 years ago in Italy. I weighed, at that time, about what you weigh now - perhaps closer to 160.Also, I was walking everyday then.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Twas the night before...

january 4th. i said this date back in november. this would be the day when i would really work on my goal weight. i like the idea of visualizing myself on how i want to look in seven months. on my wedding day... my goals for the next seven months...

1.) eat three meals a day (don't skip breakfast)
2.) stick to my 23 points a day.
3.) exercise 30 minutes a day.
4.) drink lots of water.
5.) one cup of coffee a day.
6.) one dunkin donuts stop a week for a latte lite.

My plan is to get weighed in every Thursday. i weighed in today on my scale at home and...(drum role please) 156! holy moly. gained 16 pounds since September 24th! ugh. see. i love to eat! did i say twenty pounds? i meant 26 lbs!

big breath. we have seven months.


HI! I'm the Aunt. Call me Teen.

HI! I'm the Aunt. Call me Teen.

Today is the first serious day of this healthy way of eating and living.

Here's my plan:
1. Drink 10 glasses of water a day
2a. Stick to a higher protein, lower carb diet similar to South Beach.
2b. Avoid anything white, ie, white flour, sugar, dairy (except for my morning coffee, of course).
3. Only 1 cup of coffee a day (caffeine interferes with weight loss).
4. Exercise *at least* 5 days per week. Weight training one day and low impact aerobics on alternate days.
5 I'm staying focused on how I want to look on wedding day instead of focusing on how I look now (visualization is very important).
6.Take my vitamins (this helps reduce cravings since my body is getting the nutrition it needs).

OK. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Sunday moring will be my weigh in day. On weigh in day, the weight will be posted here.
BTW, this morning's weight is (drum roll, please)209.5 lbs.

Good luck to both of us.


Saturday, January 2, 2010

love to eat.

i love to eat. i love to eat everything. i love to eat everything in sight! i open up the fridge, i eat. i open up the closet, i eat. i open up the cabinet, i eat! This will be the last weekend until I jump back on weight watchers... weekly weigh-ins, counting points, eating vegetables, and drinking lots of water. i am determined to exercise at least 4-5 times a week. maybe 30 minutes a day right now until the weather gets nice.

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