Thursday, January 14, 2010

Woot! Woot!!

just got back from WW and i lost 3.6 pounds! holy moly! the new number is 147.6...down 8.6 pounds...18.4 pounds to go. woot! woot!!

my exercise schedule has been wonderful. i made it a little easier on myself then i usually do when i try to lose weight... i am working out for forty minutes only on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and I LOVE those three days of rest. I am hoping that those four days become a habit for me. i figured i would start strength training in March... working those arms for the wedding dress.

i have been really working hard sticking to those 23 points a day... great snack ideas that have been working is a low fat cheese stick, Special K crackers, Fiber One bars and Oranges! I also eat chocolate everyday. yesterday i had a godiva dark chocolate candy... it was delicious!!! i savored every moment of it.

off to bed. hoping to make it through the weekend with three parties and a happy hour. ugh.

love you. treesa


  1. WOW woman!!! you manage to impress me more and more with your accomplishments! how DO you do it?!? you're amazing :) congratulations!! you'll be 130 with months to spare! i'm super proud of usual ;-)

    love you! ~jg

  2. ps...last night i told my leader that we've been blogging about our journey...and she gave me an "award" sticker and offered me a job w/ww!! :)


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