Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Yes. it can get a little crazy sometimes.
My mottos: Keep it simple AND don't sweat the small stuff.
So, when u have a few minutes at work - or while you're driving there, use that time to think about how you can streamline your workday. How can u multi task so that , maybe, you could leave a little earlier or get there a little later, or incorporate some of your exercise while at work (stair walking, ex) or maybe eat a bite or two of your lunch between classes so u can use ur lunch time more efficiently ( for you)or maybe eat your dinner on the way home in the car (takes some planning). Speak with the more experienced teachers and see how they handle their days - many of them are parents and are forced to streamline at the job.
Spend a LITTLE time on the weekends (an hour maybe) to prep for the week so that you're not crazy during the week.
SIMPLIFY! What are you making complicated that could be a lot simpler? Consult the experienced teachers. Wouldn't it be nice to figure this out early on in your career instead of 10 years from now?
I'm exercising at least 5 days a week and I'm feeling great. I'm not so concerned about the lbs as I am about being pain free, having some stamina, sleeping well and controlling my reflux (goin good) and sleep apnea (also improving). Of course. losing mass is helpful, too and I'm toning up & slimming down - jeans are getting loose. Short term goal = 195 lbs. Then I can get into the cords cargo pants I bought from LL Bean last year. Once there, i'll set a new short term goal.

Have a good day!

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