Monday, May 31, 2010

Successful Memorial Day Weekend

Well... it was rough but i made it through... today was probably the roughest of the days... they had buffalo chicken dip, an avocado bruchetta, smart food popcorn, circus peanuts, swedish fish, chips, dips, pasta salads, baked beans, hamburgers, hot dogs, cookies, brownies with icing... and the list goes on and on. I sat on my butt at the picnic table and never even went inside the house to the snack table... when dinner was ready, i filled up my plate with tomatoes, fruit, a hot dog without the bun, a tad bit of pasta salad and some avocado bruchetta with some multi-grain tortilla chips. i had a serving of circus peanuts for dessert!

check this weekend off the list of things to conquer in the next 54 days... back to a normal week and not a big party weekend... however it is for Tim... It's his Bachelor Party Weekend!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Weekend Outlook

Well.. this weekend will be rough. i have three picnics, a cake tasting and a night out to eat. this will be so hard. i am hoping that on tuesday i can blog that the weekend was a success... i have plans in place. veggie burger for monday's picnic. friends holding me accountable at other picnics. fingers crossed.

Happy MEMORIAL DAY!! BRING ON SUMMER! and bathing suit season.....:)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Silly BANDZ!

I am so happy that i posted up my website on facebook. I have been getting so many emails and comments about how to fight the bulge. one GREAT one was to wear a reminder bracelet. Thank GOD for Silly Bandz...When my kiddos are using them during my instruction time, they are to turn them into me. It just so happens that I have a blue and a yellow one! the colors of my wedding! I put them on and they have been such a great visual reminder of my goal... I have some pictures of me heading for the snack cabinet and wanting to eat and how these silly bandz work!

Thursday Weigh In Sneak Peek: 146.5! Woot! Woot!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Safe Subway

i love a veggie hoagie from subway. 230 calories. and so good! i feel safe at subway. i feel like i can walk in that place and know that i will not be walking out with a mess. i love those safe restaurants. there are not many. i will count wendy's as safe thanks to their mandarin chicken salad. but that's about it. any other restaurant is what I like to call "dangerous" it is so hard for me to pick a healthy option off of a menu. i prefer to order an appetizer, maybe have a drink, and of course have a meal with french fries. yikes! any ideas on how to eat out? i am sure that every person wanting to lose weight has the same question. it sucks. and at this time in my life i eat out often. guess the best way to handle this situation is to just figure out a way to not eat out at all......

Monday, May 24, 2010

Hunger Blues

I hate the first day back to eating healthy and counting calories... tim ate a hot dog and chips for dinner and i just stared at him while i ate my tomato salad and bean soup. why do i want a hot dog so much more then my soup? sometimes i wish tim ate the way i did. it would make my life so much easier. he told me he was going to start watching what he ate today... but after a burrito for lunch and a hot dog for dinner, he said he would try again tomorrow. i wish i could do that. but i know if i ate a hot dog today, it would be pizza tomorrow and french fries on wednesday... and so continues the domino effect. oh to be a boy. eat what i please.

i heard through a friend to start a "behavior plan" with my weight loss... so i am! if i can go seven days staying under my calories then i am going to reward myself with a pedicure. Next Monday, hoping to be blogging about how phenomenal my pedicure was!

twomonths....61days... love.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Two Month Mark

okay. i said may 24th. the two month mark. a bonus that it lands on a monday. 61 days until i walk down the isle to marry my best friend, my life long love, my timothy. i got on the scale... 149... damage not to terrible... gained ten pounds since April 1st... yikes! that is five pounds month! Unbelievable... that just shows you how much i love to eat!!!!

getting focused. definitely counting calories again. definitely running. definitely strength training. definitely drinking a lot of water. goal is to be in the 130s... low 130s would be beautiful.

i will try to post every day... helps tremendously to know that i am being held accountable on the blog.

To reach my goal weight... I need to lose two pounds a week. with exercise.. that is allowing me to eat 1350 calories a's to eating lots of fruit, veggies and low calorie treats!

I don't think i am going to weigh in every week... i don't want to get discouraged. weigh days discourage me if i don't lose anything. I am thinking i will weigh in every other week. so the next weigh day will be June 7th. There may be sneak peeks every once in a while so stay tuned just in case.

Wedding planning has been exciting! I have really enjoyed every second of it with tim. we have planned every piece of it together... even down to the colors and the flowers. invitations will be going out by next week. seems so real now. loving it. i can't wait to get married to tim and begin our lives together.
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