Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just one more raisinette, please.

another day... report cards are just about finished... just need to get those writing grades finished. ugh. i was at work until 7:00 tonight doing math grades and attendance...ridiculous.

usually i would be eating junk and drinking wine during this stressful time but instead i am just dragging myself through it with exercise.

tim made me a healthy dinner tonight.. grilled chicken with a salad... and some olives... it was delicious. he also bought chocolate covered raisins home... good ones...not raisinettes...but good ones from the Fresh Market... I only ate seven of them and i wanted to eat the whole bag but tim was good and put them right away...thinking about those little guys right now...

weigh day tomorrow. hoping to lose half of a pound.

til then.
love you.

1 comment:

  1. i'm proud of you for eating healthy through stressful times! it's so hard to do!! exercise helps, though, and i'm finding the need to run like mad when i'm mad...that's better than eating, right?! ;)

    keep it up! can't wait to hear how you do!
    love, jg


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