Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Fitbit

i like a good competition. in fact, i am probably the most competitive person i know. i get teary eyed losing at a game of bowling... and i am TERRIBLE at bowling. i put 100% effort into every competition. when i was a kid, i would get upset if i lost at any game. i would get frustrated and angry at others if i was on a losing team. i decided at a young age to run cross country and track because i couldn't handle other competitive sports. if i lost... it was my own fault. i had no one else to blame. 

fast forward to my birthday... tim gave me a Fitbit. in the beginning, it was neat. i loved how it monitored my sleeping and my heart rate. it made me aware of how active i was through the day. 10,000 steps seemed easy for me to get... and it was easy because i am pretty active chasing a toddler around and going for daily walks twice a day. i noticed at the end of the day i was usually around 13,000 steps a day. Sometimes i was higher because of the Couch to 5K and those thirty minute walk/runs can really increase the step count!

on monday, i entered my very first Fitbit challenge... the "Work Week Hustle." it is with some family members... one of whom is my brother. i figured, i had the challenge in the bag since i knew my step count daily was pretty high. i figured i wasn't behind a desk all day and was able to move whenever i wanted... i was really confident... i totally had this. 

man... was i wrong. i am walking/dancing/running and still barely holding on. all day long, i am getting notifications that i am falling behind or that someone is tiptoeing past legs ache every night trying to keep up with the crew. i took advil two nights this week just to fall asleep. 

yesterday morning, i woke up and my Fitbit wasn't working. it was frozen. i could feel myself panicking. my heart was racing. i was getting angry because every step i was taking... wasn't "counting!" After a restart... and an hour of wasted steps... my Fitbit started to work again. However, this morning i woke up... and the same thing happened. i tried restarting. and tried again. nothing. it would constantly freeze and miss so many steps. i had errands to run and things to do so i left the house freaking out that every step i took meant nothing. when i got home at lunch, i restarted it again and prayed it would get working... and it did. but i knew i could never take the lead. i was upset. frustrated. angry. i would have to work extra hard to even get close to my usual daily count. 

and then i realized this has become ridiculous. i am killing myself and exhausted. i NEVER sit. my body hurts. i was not even going to try to make up the steps. i am not going to win. and it will be okay. so... to wrap this post up... this will be the very first and last challenge i do. i am too competitive and i just can't handle it. my name is theresa and i am NOT the winner of the "Work Week Hustle."

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Vacation Confession

Well... here i go. after going more than 140 days without fun sugar, i cracked. i had a piece of ice cream blizzard cake on Landon's birthday. then i had another piece the day after. and another piece the day after... which pretty much lead right into my birthday...

i told tim i wanted one of my favorite donuts from my favorite bakery at the beach... i swear... they are the BEST. vanilla cream powdered donut. they stuff that baby with more cream than you can even imagine. i ate the whole thing in like two minutes. and then i ate ice cream cake.

the next day i went for the oreos. double stuff. i ate one. and then another... and then two more. oh. and tim bought me another vanilla cream donut. heck... i ate FOUR of those in a week!

i ate brownies covered with icing to celebrate my brother's birthday on thursday at the beach. and then on friday i bought a bag of chocolate covered peanuts and devoured them all within an hour... oh and washed them down with some pepsi.

i woke up this morning and had to make a decision. do i continue on this path of eating all this delicious sugar again? or do i go back to my original plan and stay away from the stuff that packs pounds on me quickly. thanks to some of you already starting the next 30 day workout... i was able to commit myself to stay sugar free again. this is so hard for me to do. i feel like i failed and over ate things i haven't touched in months!

we had a father's day picnic today... i didn't touch the dessert. a huge success after the ridiculous week i had. focusing back on being healthy and making healthier choices. weigh day is still planned for july 3rd. i got this...

and i'll end this post with some beach memories... the week was exhausting... my kids were up around 5:38 most mornings because of the bright sunshine... but we took lots of afternoon naps and had a wonderful time!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

June Update

Wow. What a month! i decided back in april to get this body moving in may. and what a crazy month of may it has been. i HATED working out in the beginning. DREADED hearing JMike's voice... was MISERABLE during every circuit... but then something changed around Day 19/20. I started to ENJOY it. i started to look forward to the quiet time in the basement to focus on me. i could feel myself get stronger and stronger as i approached Day 30. i wanted to get my workout in. i was determined. for those of you who are shredding... hang with it! I promise it will get better after the halfway mark!

i weighed myself today after a month of keeping off the scale. i was surprised by the results since i thought i was gaining muscle during the 30 days. but the new number is 151.2.  A loss of 6.6 pounds... for a grand total of 43.6 pounds since January 3rd! that's more than Landon! it's an average of 8.5 pounds a month!

i measured myself after i completed 30 days of The Shred...

Day 1
Hips-39.5 inches
Waist-33 inches
Left Arm-12 inches
Right Arm 13 inches
Butt-40.5 inches
Chest-38 inches
Left Thigh-22.5 inches
Right Thigh-22.5 inches

Day 30
Hips-37 inches (-2.5)
Waist-31 inches (-2)
Left Arm-11.5 inches(-.5)
Right Arm-11.5 inches (-1.5)
Butt-38.5 inches
Chest-36 inches
Left Thigh-20.75 inches
Right Thigh-21 inches

i lost a grand total of 13.75 inches off my whole body! i was shredded!!

And finally some updated pictures from the January to present... i've always loved seeing weight loss transformations... so hard to believe i am one now!

no exercising for me tomorrow... i'm taking the day off! 😁
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