Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Special Guest!

Today was an okay day. back to my routine. i feel hungry tonight. i ate a few peanuts and crunched on a few high fiber crackers but i am still really hungry. i made myself a cup of tea... and watching biggest loser... hoping this will help the craving...

i took the day off tomorrow... i have a dentist appointment in the morning and figured i would take the day off so I can get things done here at home... i need to go the post office to renew my passport. i also need to get to the bank. i would love to clean out my car and really straighten up the bedroom.

jenny glenny is coming this weekend! i am so excited! hoping to get everything organzed and clean by the time she gets here... i think i may even open up my gifts that my students gave me... can you believe that i haven't opened up all my christmas presents yet?! Eeeek!

love you.

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