Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ways around cravings.

Today was a great day. cravings were little to none. thank goodness. i did eat a sour cream and onion chip tonight but it was a baked chip! i guess there are ways around cravings. i also ate a fudge carmel pop for only 57 calories! got my chocolate for the day. i think that is what i need in my diet most. chocolate. it may be a hormone thing but if i don't get some kind of chocolate a day (liquid or solid form) i am more moody. maybe it is just me but i have always needed a little chocolate in my life.

i did the tredmill today. i do a 40 minute program on it. it is a little over three miles. i figured i would do that 4 times a week. i don't want to burn myself out... sometimes i do that. i run so much that i start to get tired of it. i go from loving it (like i do now) to dreading it ( like i will do in a couple of months).

love the idea of a massage. i have never had one... i thought i would get one after the marathon but that never happened. maybe i can treat myself before the big wedding day! really pamper myself up!

i didn't weigh in today at WW. i was worried that i would be to heavy for my lifetime membership... that and i thought that everyone is going to be joining WW this week because of the free registration deal they have going on... i didn't feel like waiting in a line. i will weigh myself on sunday and post my weight and then definitely go next thursday.

yes i watched the youtube video and very, very true. just knowing that i am committed to this blog everyday makes me think twice about food choices.

i am exhausted. hoping for a two hour delay tomorrow! have a great night and...
Thank goodness it is friday!

love you.

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  1. i completely agree!! i need chocolate daily! i think it's a female thing ;)

    yes, get a massage! it's the best thing you can do just for you! just after thanksgiving break, i was so stressed b/c of all of the get-togethers, overeating, having to go back to work but not feeling rested,, i took the day off (actually told my boss that i need a "mental health day"...which he totally understood!...and proceeded to get my hair cut and get an hour-long full-body massage! i instantly felt better, calm, relaxed, and happy! :) just do it!


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