Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday

still here and refuse to miss a weigh-in even if i do have a rough week... i am on Day 8 of the Shred.  i am hoping to pick it back up the monday after easter. i have been a bit off the band wagon lately. not sure why. i am wondering if it has to do with the weight gain last week and maybe in my mind i wanted to give up on this weight loss thing.

i know these are all normal feelings in a weight loss journey. which is why i will continue to blog and weigh-in. bathing suit season is right around the corner... :)

speaking of bathing suit season, landon had his first swim class at the pool yesterday. he seemed to enjoy it! however, the little stinker has had a rough day today. started it at 4:30 this morning and has been screaming and crying ever since. clingy. miserable. clear runny nose and can't keep his fingers out of his mouth...TEETH!!! i have tried everything to help him but nothing works. any suggestions other than teething tablets, motrin, frozen wash clothes, mesh teethers, teething rings, sophie, and a gum massage... i am DESPERATE!!

173.6 this morning. maintenance. i'll take it.

how did you do this week? have you ever been in a weight loss funk?

Next weigh-in: Wednesday, April 3rd

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday

just completed Day 7 of the Shred. it was miserable and i was cursing jillian the whole time. no doubt that i feel stronger... i last pretty much through the whole thing with just a couple "five second" breaks. for those of you who do jillian, you know what i mean. that is all she allows you to break for.

weighed in this morning. 173.4. that is a gain of 2.6 pounds. puts me down 19.6 pounds since the new year. it is a good amount gained in a week especially since i saw 169 on thursday. but i had a rough weekend and i started the shred at the same time. i always gain weight when i start exercising. maybe it is because i am more hungry. maybe it is because i think i can eat more since i am exercising. or maybe it because of the old saying "muscle weighs more than fat."

to be honest, i definitely haven't gone out of control with eating since the weekend. i have had a few things i shouldn't have eaten... like a six chicken wings. but i could have had TWELVE!

i was going to update my inches lost but figured i would wait until day 10 of the Shred... when i am finished Level 1. i will be adding more progress pictures along with the updated stats.

and i will finish this update with a few landon pictures. he is working SO hard at trying to pull himself up on things. he gets frustrated but this doesn't stop him. it requires a lot of muscle to pull up 23 pounds of weight!! once he is up (with a little help from me) he loves standing! he stood in his pack and play for over ten minutes today... and LOVED it.
next weigh-in- Wednesday, March 27th.

how did you do this week?! do you gain or lose weight when you start to exercise?

Monday, March 18, 2013

Day 5- Shred

To keep myself motivated to do the Shred, i thought i would post pictures to show progress every five days. for some reason, whenever i start working out, i GAIN weight. so i have a feeling the scale won't be too nice to me on wednesday. i did take measurements... so i may start adding those to my wednesday weigh-in. 
(january 2nd)
(march 18th- DAY 5 of The Shred)

(january 2nd)
(March 18th- DAY 5 of The Shred)

(january 2nd)
(march 18th-DAY 5 of The Shred)
i have a few friends joining me on The Shred journey. how is everyone doing? i am not going to lie. i hate jillian. i just keep watching the time go by during every exercise waiting for the workout to end. thank goodness it is only 27 minutes and 22 seconds.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

a ruined weekend.

this weekend was a rough one. we had a small get together with friends last night. and of course i ate my face off. chips and dip. pasta in a heavy cream sauce. homemade garlic bread. cookies. cadbury mini eggs. jelly beans. and more.

today we had a retirement party to attend. and of course they had appetizers galore! i ate cheesesteak bites. crab cakes. cupcakes. chicken wrapped in bacon. hummus on a pita. and i ended the night with more cadbury mini eggs. it was a mess.

it took all my might to do the shred tonight. i kept thinking "i am ruining my whole diet plan. i ate THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS worth of calories this weekend." the shred is going to do NOTHING for me if i keep eating the way i do. but, i decided to push through and do it... and i will give you the honest reason why......
i wanted to check off the day on my "shred chart." the chart is on my fridge. i put it there for a reason. the reason stick to it. don't give up. complete ALL thirty days. (oh. and i am obsessed with using post-its... that could be the REAL reason why i did the shred tonight. to use a post-it.)

so day 4 of the shred is done. i felt gross doing it tonight and a little more miserable than usual knowing that i ate my face off this weekend. but it is done. and i am back to eating my normal way tomorrow.

have you ever felt miserable after falling off your healthy eating plan? i know i do... but i keep thinking this whole weight loss thing is a process and of course... tomorrow is a new day!! :)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Shred... Take THREE!

I stepped on the scale this morning and it read 169.8.  i knew i had put it off for way too long. i am no longer in the 190s anymore. i have no excuse. so i did it.  i started Day 1 of The Shred.  i did The Shred back in September, and i seriously thought i was going to DIE with all that weight bouncing around. my knees hurt doing even doing ONE jumping jack. today, was a complete different story. i was able to do the whole workout with no pain and stopping only once.


here is my 30 day shred calendar... i printed it out and put it on my fridge. if anyone has the DVD and would like to follow along, let me know!! oh and it is also free on youtube ( it helps me tremendously when other people are holding me accountable and doing things with me. 

i'll definitely be doing progress pictures after each level to see if there is a change. hoping i can do this!! wish me luck!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday

i should be back to blogging more than once a week... because i am finished TWO grad courses for the spring semester! woot! woot!!! i just wrapped up the last one on monday night. and it feels amazing... almost like the feeling i got when i stepped on the scale this morning. 170.8. that is a weight loss of 1.8 pounds this week. and a total of 22.2 pounds since the new year.

it feels good to say that i am only about fourteen pounds away from pre-pregnancy weight. and not almost forty pounds away!! i kept saying in my mind that i would start exercising when i got in the 160's... well they are so close! i can't believe how excited i am to see the 160's!

i stopped counting calories about two weeks ago. i know i shouldn't have, but eating only 1200 calories a day was killing me. i now know how many calories are in certain snacks. and i am just trying to pick healthy choices and eat smaller portion sizes.

i have also always allowed myself even when i started back in january a food that i LOVE every day. this week it has been a scoop of chocolate ice cream. but for the past couple of months it has been the OREO cookie... my FAVORITE.

next weigh in: Wednesday, March 20th.

how did you do this week?

do you have a favorite treat you love to eat? obviously mine is chocolate!! :)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wednesday Weigh-In

I've been slacking on blog posting simply because i have been super overwhelmed with grad school. i don't know what i was thinking this semester balancing three grad courses and a baby. seriously. but the good news is statistics was a 4 week intense class. and my ethics class was an 8 week long accelerated course... so that means this time next week, i will be down to only ONE grad course!! but let me tell you, the last eight weeks of my life have been HORRIBLE. just ask tim. or my mom. or landon. or even my cat.

even though i have been highly stressed, i have still managed to lose weight this week. the new number is 172.6. that puts me down 2 pounds this week and 20.4 pounds total since the new year! i have earned my 20 pound reward! a manicure!

i am going to be honest about this weeks weight loss... i had a massive stomach bug on sunday night/monday. and i just started to eat some light food last night. i'm pretty sure "the bug" probably helped contribute to my weight loss this week.

and i'll end today's post with an update on our little guy. he is NINE months today. and honestly, in the past month, he has developed a little personality. he is becoming more determined which has caused him to start doing the old army crawl. he is getting faster and faster every day. he lights up a room. literally... he has learned to turn off and on the light switches! and he smiles ALL the time. just saying a word to him brings a huge smile to his face. tim and i are absolutely adoring him and enjoying every second with him.
Happy NINE months Landon Robert!!

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