Monday, January 4, 2010

rough first day.

I always think the first day is hard... trying to break habits that i got into during the past few months... for example... every day at lunch i would buy "white cheddar cheez it" crackers. delicious. getting hungry just thinking about it... but today i didn't even glance at the vending machine. as much as i wanted to.

i go out with a few girls from school every monday night. i usually get a wrap and some french fries. today i split a wrap and a salad with a friend. and i was super hungry still when i finished (so was she!)

i always get scared about weighing myself everyday... it would be so discouraging if i didn't lose anything and i know it might lead me off the track. i know me.

i am uploading a picture of me when i was training for the marathon. the exact weight i want to be again. visualize. i LOVE that!

i hate the first day... it reminds me that there are so many more... i hate the beginning but i am looking forward to the end. july 24th.

Love you!


  1. Check this out - only 59 seconds long

    Having each other is one of THE best ways to succeed at our diets.
    Love the foto, BTW...excellent visualization material.
    It's been my experience that if I can get through the 1st 3 days, the hard part is over. Scientifically, 3 days is how long it takes the body to get over ANY physical addiction - even cocaine, even narcotics, even sugar and fries : )
    So the worst is 1/3 over. Focus on how much better you feel already.
    Don't let yourself get too hungry. I purchased these low carb protein bars - one of those and a cup of herbal tea and I'm good to go for hours.
    Love you. Have a great day.

  2. T...i'm proud of you :) and i love your blog! we are pretty much the same place at the moment...yesterday was my first day back to counting points since before weight this morning was next weigh-in is thursday. i'm glad we will be motivation for each other! you have been mine all along :) love you! ~jg bo benny ;)


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