Friday, February 26, 2010

I need a jump:

The end of February, the dead of winter, the deceleration of my diet attempts...whoa is me.

We have to get some energy back into this. Any suggestions?


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Checking in

HI! So far, so good this week. Back on track. drinking my water, taking the vits and exercising - this weight is coming off so slowly. Sometimes it's a little discouraging. But I'm looking forward to the wedding day and looking good in my outfit.
The family Doc is asking about me - time for a checkup. She's worried about my cholesterol. I think the whole cholesterol thing is a scam perpetrated by Big Pharma to sell dangerous drugs we don't need - studies show that 66% of all heart attack victims have normal cholesterol levels...makes you wonder.
But I digress : )
How's it going with you?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Miracle

Well, this morning is weigh-in day. By some miracle I'm weighing a mere 200.5 pounds...down 9 lbs from where I started and down 1 1/2 lbs from last week.

There's something about a blizzard that makes one need to eat to survive. It's been a girl-scout cookie week, lots of heavy foods at home & at work. They've asked me to change my shift for this week (as the girl who works 9-5 is on vacation), my routine is totally messed up, only exercised 2X this week and what do I get? A 1 1/2 lb LOSS. Perhaps I'm dehydrated - haven't been drinking my water either. But, ya know what? I'm taking it!

Since the diet gods have seen fit to look the other way, I'm taking this opportunity to get back on my healthy living program this coming week starting today. I'm going shopping this morning for lots of good foods, fruit & veggies.

Blizzard, schmizzard! back on track today!


Sunday, February 7, 2010

The trend is your friend

HI! This morning I weighed in at a solid 202 - down 1/2 lb from last week, down 7.5 lbs since Jan 2. Still downtrending - still going in the right direction, albeit slowly. I think what's happening is that as I exercise and create more muscle (which weighs more than fat) I'm looking and feeling slimmer but the weight on the scale isn't reflecting all my hard work. No worries! I feel so much better, continue to sleep well, still have a lot of energy and I can get into my jeans more easily.
Anyway, the guys and girls at work notice and that's encouraging.
Since today is weigh in day, Nonni's going to make me some alio e olio with shrimp - one of my (many) favorites. I figure if I can have something scrumptious at least once a week, I can easily endure the limits I impose upon myself during the week. Sometimes, I'll take Nonni out to dinner (last week it was the Thornale Inn for steak).
At this rate I might be ale to lose 20 more lbs by July - I'll take it!! ANd once the weather improves, I can really start walking instead of indoor all the time.

Congrats on your progress. Report card time is over - back to the dream!


Friday, February 5, 2010

Junior Mints

At this point in my life i just can't eat enough chocolate. once i start, it takes ALL my might to stop... tim bought a box of junior mints for him and i to share... well... he doesn't know it but i have eaten more then HALF the box already! They are so good... i stopped myself and thought... BLOG THERESA!! in the middle of popping those mints i even squeezed in a Tag Along Girl Scout Cookie. SO GOOD! Tim also got me Doritos to go with my turkey sandwich tonight... not a good idea. they are GONE! this weekend is going to be rough...snowed in and lots of munchies around...big mistake but i was so hungry when we went grocery shopping last night and everything looked delicious!!

On a better note, tooth is looking good... doctor said the infection is getting better but he won't really know for another six more months... another day of work on that poor little guy. That tooth has gone "under" about three times this year. and he has one more time to go! i don't know how much longer i can take a numb tongue and lip!! ugh. this tooth is going to be the death of me.

early dismissal today because of snow. hoping for a two hour delay on monday. this is probably the best part of being a teacher.

love you.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Little Exercise

This has been a rough week with exercise... i only got to run on Monday... couldn't run on tuesday because we had no water to take a shower with afterwards... can't run today because i have a ton of errands to get done before the storm hits... can't run tomorrow because i won't be home to use the tredmill... let's just say i went from four days of working out a week to ONE! ugh.

Eating was okay... I did great with portion control...i ate what i wanted but portioned it out a little better. i didn't stress as much about what i was putting in my mouth like i have been doing...

i don't have the time to go to weight watchers tonight... so i am going to weigh myself on my home scale...the new number is 145.5!! I am shocked... exactly a month ago i was 11 pounds heavier... down 1.5 from last week. hoping to keep around 144 by the end of february...on the right track...

i missed reading your blogs this week! Glad to hear everything is going great with you! Keep visualizing! :-)

love you.

Plodding along

HI. You're doing extremely well. Just the fact that you're still blogging and willing to get back on that horse is a very good thing.
I'm plodding along. Weight is coming off but slowly. I have to focus on the future and not how things are going right now.
As I go along, my appetite is decreasing and smaller amounts of food are doing me well.
My girlfriend at work has these 'nutrition' bars which are a fabulously delicious dessert to my healthy lunch. They taste delicious and with a cup of coffee totally eliminate hunger and cravings. In fact, they're called "Crave Busters"...sweetened with alcohol sugars (ex, mannitol, sorbitol) which the body doesn't recognize as regular sugar but which, in excessive amounts, make me very flatulent. So that forces me not to overindulge in those goodies.
I've decided to take only 1 day a week off from exercise and today is it. I've been very busy studying my trading stuff and anesthesia stuff, too.
One thing to staying good on a diet is *Keep Busy*! NO time for food half the time AND it burns calories.
All for today. Have a good one.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Craving Chocolate

I had a great day of eating and then i came home and was craving CHOCOLATE... I ate three mint chocolate covered cookies and a part of a dark chocolate candy bar... so good... and even now i am still thinking about chocolate... not enough. hmmm... i am debating on whether i should make myself some hot cocoa.

at this rate i will never meet my goal... i have conferences tomorrow and i will be meeting with 14 parents... i am thinking this could definitely be stress related. hoping to get this month of february over soon. very, very, soon...

on a happy note... i have a half day on friday! granted it is dentist related but it is a half day of work! woot! woot!!

Hope all is well!
love you!

Monday, February 1, 2010

February Goal-- Lose 3 pounds.

after the weigh in on thursday i decided to give up for the was a free for all... i ate anything i pleased and didn't think twice about it entering my mouth. then i woke up this morning and thought... get back on the band wagon.

i figured that i was eating a lot of campbell soup for lunch last week... it was five points for lunch which i thought was great! my mom pointed out those little guys had 24 grams of sugar...thats like drinking a can of soda! hence why i think i didn't lose even an ounce last week and just gained... so i threw those little guys out the window. and back to my usual half turkey sandwich with crackers and fruit. back on the treadmill too. i need to lose three pounds this month to be on track towards the goal...

here's to the month of february and taking away three pounds somewhere from the body...

hope all is well. love you!
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