Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Doing good!

HI! Day #4 on the new job coming up and the way it's working out is really good for the diet. Finalization of shift hours is 1100-1930.
I have to exercise some discipline regarding this new shift or else I'll just sleep,eat & work. So I'm getting up around 0530, I give myself 45 minutes to wake up and I do some trading while I do that.
Then I exercise - finally got that in as part of this routine - 3 days in a row of low impact aerobics and yoga-style stretching - feels SO much better even after only a few days. The pain in my right knee is completely gone and my back feels better too.
Also, I make sure that I get at least one thing done around the house before I go to work - like tidying up an area - something like that so I'm not overwhelmed on the weekends.
I have my big meal of the day at lunch @ 130-200, dinner (lighter fare) at my late afternoon break and I munch on veggies or a protein bar on the way home.I make myself go to bed at 9PM so I can get up early.
Anyway, I finally GET that daily exercise is a PRIORITY not just for weight loss but for a strong and flexible body which makes every aspect of home and work life easier.
I really want to start pole walking (already have the poles) and I was watching a video on race walking - I used to race walk - great exercise and fun, too.
Love you. Have a great day!


  1. great blog! that's so awesome that you are figuring out how to get the exercise in...that was definitely tough for me at first, too! you and treesa are keeping me SO motivated! thank you :)
    ~jenny glenny

  2. Yey! to exercise!! Racewalking is awesome... i had to do it a lot in college (my coach was an olympic racewalker) it works everything!! your whole body hurts afterwards. how was the first week at work? hope to see you soon!


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