Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Big Ten

Went to WW tonight... and... i lost 1.2 pounds! I can't believe it especially after what i did to myself on saturday... makes me realize that if get back on track with eating healthy and running, one random day won't ruin my goal. the new number is 146.2!! 16.2 pounds to go! I know that the weight coming off will slow down soon... it only makes sense but it feels good to lose ten pounds since christmas.

i figured i need to lose 3 pounds a month to see 130 by july 24th... i really need to stay focused on that weight loss...

continuing to exercise, eating my daily points, and giving into cravings sometimes... i had a girl scout cookie too!!:)

can't wait til tomorrow! Jenny Glenny is coming to town.

love you.

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