Monday, January 4, 2010

Heading in the right direction!

LOL! What a GREAT idea taking your own picture. I can take ny own fat picture without involving anyone else.
BTW, I would KILL to weigh a mere 156 lbs. I guess everything's relative.
I'm lovin' this blog.
Now, I know that it's considered poor form to weight yourself everyday but I just HAD to know. So I'm down 3 whole lbs this morning just letting go of the water weight and BOY! does even that small amount feel so much better. I'm headed in the right direction. WOO-HOO!
Photo to come. Love you.


In the spirit of focusing on how I want to look, I'm uploading a pic of me taken about 20 years ago in Italy. I weighed, at that time, about what you weigh now - perhaps closer to 160.Also, I was walking everyday then.

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  1. I remember you being this weight at my parents' anniversary surprise party! congrats on minus 3 pounds! I can't wait to see the weigh in on Sunday!

    BTW-- Biggest Loser Season Premiere starts tomorrow on NBC... that show motivated me back in 2006 when we did the Stanford Fat Club... remember those days:)

    Healthy eats.


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