Friday, June 25, 2010

Vacation I go...

Well... this week I worked really hard at toning and eating healthy. I got on the scale yesterday and did see 139.5! I will take it! Woot! woot!! but now the hard part...heading on vacation.

only i would plan a vacation a month before my wedding... ugh.

usually all we do is eat, sleep and drink. so i have a plan b. running shoes are packed. 100 calorie popcorn bags are packed. my running garmin is packed. hoping that i keep focused on the wedding day in just a short 29 days... and looking spectacular in my wedding dress... not to mention looking GREAT on my honeymoon!

i do plan on eating my favorite food (chicken wings) tomorrow night. portion controlled. i will try to post small updates throughout the week. next weight update will be next monday. hoping for a loss!

enjoy the week!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Checking in

HI! I got all caught up on your blog - you're doing great.
140 lbs. WOW! I haven't seen that since MY wedding day. Congrats!
After all these months of watching what you eat, you've developed some very serious healthy eating habits that will last you a long time. Obviously, you see that eating healthy makes you look and feel great!

Well, I'm not losing as fast as you but I'm down 18 LBS since the start of the year and it's been pretty painless, I must say.
I'm much more comfortable in my body - my sleep apnea is much improved to the point where I can actually fall asleep without waking myself up snoring. My vegetarian diet allows me to eat lots of food without all the dense calories of meats and dairy. I really, really like eating this way. And my reflux disease is easier to manage when I'm not eating meat. Also, although I'm still a little short of breath when I exert myself (still too much weight) at least I'm not wheezing anymore.

I continue to drink my water - at least 8 glasses a day - and seriously limit sugar. If I really want someting sweet , I have fruit or juice most of the time. This is not to say we don't enjoy the occasional Rita's or a cookie, here & there.
Nonni and I are eating lots of soups (vegan)and we seldom eat heavy know, the 3 course meals. We're perfectly happy with a light meal and fruit for dessert.

We took a page out of your book! When we go out to eat, we have a dinner salad and a side of pasta or what ever looks interesting. Again, no need for 5 course meals while eating out. And it's nice to come home without feeling all bloated and uncomfortable. Nonni's not a vegetarian yet but she's may as well be - she eats meat only a few times a week, it seems.

OK. I think we're all caught up.


Love you.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

so close i can taste it

140 this morning. 140.0... i saw a glimpse of 139 yesterday morning and when i stepped on the scale two seconds later, it said 140.0...ugh... why is it so easy to break the 150 mark but not the 140 mark... i will keep you posted on 139... it will be a big day.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekly Update

New number is 142.0...a little frustrated... but i need to push on through... i guess i am frustrated because i have been watching EVERYTHING i put in my mouth... while everyone else around me eats chicken wings. i eat salad. while everyone else eats chips, pizza, cupcakes. I eat veggies, hummus, and bean dip. one thing i started to do last week was toning my arms and stomach. i am using hand weights and doing reps of 30 in all different ways... i am also starting to do crunches and super mans and other toning stretches.

i am not sure if i like the old saying that muscle weighs more then fat and that is why i gained 1.5 pounds but i really have no other reason why... so i may use that as an excuse over the next couple of weeks...

I am starting to run today. yes. after weeks of walking in the heat... I am ready to start my running workout. twice a day. three miles each. six miles daily. guessing i will put weight on with adding muscle in my legs (there I go again with the excuse)but i keep getting super jealous when i see these runners out and about sweating and getting a FANTASTIC workout. i am ready. 33 days left to tone this body and get it in the best shape of my life. 12 pounds to go to get to that point.

still waiting for that manicure (FINGERS CROSSED FOR THIS WEEK!) and buying some sundresses for the honeymoon!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Birthday Weekend

Oh Boy! I haven't blogged in a while... life is getting so busy with the end of the school year winding down. eating has been going good. i ate way over my calories yesterday but it was good eating. for example. i ate lettuce wraps for lunch instead of french fries and chicken wings. i ate grilled chicken on the barbie at the outback instead of the bloomin onion and a delicious bowl of potato soup. not under 140 yet.. hoping this will be the week to see it... new number is 140.5

New Goals:
Under 140 pounds gets me a manicure

For every pound I lose under 140 I am going to buy myself a sundress for the honeymoon. so if i hit the 130 mark... that is nine sundresses!

still wearing those silly banz... what a great reminder of the day!

I feel good. even though i have only lost about 2 pounds in two weeks, i feel like i have lost more!

looking forward to get the year over with... CAN'T WAIT! and Thursday will be the last day to get my butt out of bed and drive to oxford. then i can focus on a good workout schedule on the days off!

41 more days. 10.5 more pounds.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Another Weekend Down

Two weeks down... Seven weeks to go... had a great weekend... tim was away at his bachelor party... i was nannying my girls. i love when i am back with the means summer. This is my sixth summer with them and we have made such great memories!

i ate okay. on friday, i had two glasses of wine and ice cream with jimmies from dairy queen after dinner. i ate great on saturday... but today i had a slice and half of pizza, Weight Watcher Ice cream bar, and circus peanuts... went a little over my calorie count. but i did go for a mile walk this afternoon which felt fantastic.

i earned my manicure... i will be getting it tomorrow after my faculty meeting. my next goal is to be under 140 pounds... I will buy myself a new sundress to have for my honeymoon when i get under the 140 mark!

official weigh day tomorrow. i can't believe it is june 7th already! yikes! shouldn't of eaten those circus peanuts!

48 more days until i marry tim. I CAN'T WAIT!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Wow! I got my pedicure today... it was amazing... every time i get one (which is maybe once a year) i think to myself... i should get these more often... and then life gets in the way. hoping the week goes great and that i can get a manicure next week!

eating has been going great... it is getting MUCH easier to walk away from food that i love. the first week for me is always the roughest... it is nice to know that there is an end in sight... i hope to go back to eating foods that i love after the wedding... however i am planning on maintaining my weight in the 140s after i am married.

field day tomorrow! only 8.5 more work days... and then it will be wedding/workout mode!

Sneak Peek: 142.5. 12.5 pounds until goal weight.

51 more days until i marry tim.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Blogging away...

today was a good day. ate just fine. went for a two mile walk. went to get my pedicure that i earned this week... however, the place was closed by the time i could get around to getting there:( bummer.... won't be able to get there again until maybe saturday... nannying on saturday...maybe i will take the girls with me and we will all get our feet done... hmmm... an idea.

if i can go another week eating below my calories, I will get myself a manicure... sounds fantastic!
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