Thursday, September 29, 2011

a crumb.

i love when i get close to the bottom of a bag of chips or box of crackers. there is something special about those crumbs sitting at the bottom... they have been in the bag for the longest soaking in the flavors of their friends that sat above them.
some people choose to just trash these delicious crumbs... but i choose to embrace them. i pour them into a snack bag and finish them off... or i pour them onto a plate, lick my finger and dab away at them.  this seems to be the cleanest method... as the crumbs that tend to miss my mouth get caught on the plate and not on my clothes or even worse... the floor!

and the "best tasting crumbs at the bottom of a bag" award goes to...

Thank goodness those are gone... moving on to healthier and better things... 

What crumb would you give the award to?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

terrible tuesday.

i hate tuesdays.... three years ago i hated a sunday. i dreaded sunday evening around 4 and that feel of dread lasted until i went to sleep...

i now get that same feeling for a tuesday. having to get up at 6:00... teaching all day. and then heading to class.  and then dragging my tired butt through the door around 9:30. and then showering. and then i go to bed only to get up and start the routine all over again on a wednesday... luckily with no class in the schedule. tired and exhausted are the only two words that come to mind blogging about this and i am already dreading next tuesday.

tonight after class, i met a dear friend for dinner. we ate at one of my favorite restaurants... Cosi. we chatted about things happening in our lives and just enjoyed each others company. i ate a Chicken TBM. seriously one of the BEST sandwiches ever made.
my pants are feeling super snug... i am debating whether i should just bite the bullet and buy "fat" pants to  get me through until i lose some pounds. i should buy pants that fit me when i am twenty pounds up and twenty pounds down... there may be a shopping trip in the near future...

what is your least favorite day of the week? why?

Monday, September 26, 2011

step away from the dorito bag.

today i walked in the door famished from the school day. we had some doritos leftover from our little football party we had yesterday during the Eagles game. i thought about those doritos the whole car ride home.

i couldn't wait to grab the bag from the closet. i couldn't wait to pull out a cheesy chip. and i couldn't wait to eat it. and i loved every crunch.

(woo hooo for bananas in the background!)

we have a lot of "JUNK" in our snack closet. i am not sure how it happened but it did. i need to get rid of all junk food... and in my head, what better way to get rid of it, than to EAT IT! yikes.

weighed in this morning. new number is 156.6. i'll take it! it's a starting point!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

dear blog. i need you.

i can sit here and say that i haven't been blogging because i have been super busy with school and work. but that would be a lie. the real reason is because i have completely lost all motivation to continue eating healthy. i have bought lunch twice this past week. maybe three times. i had mcdonald's once. and ice cream three times. and that is just the beginning...

i have continued to weigh myself every monday and i have been posting up my weight updates on My Journey page. i am surprised to see that number go down... especially since i haven't been working too hard. 

here's hoping that i start fresh tomorrow. monday morning. eating healthy. with just a few treats in between.

i promise to start updating this blog daily again. i need it. and i missed it! 

Weigh day tomorrow!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

the little things in life.

i arrived home today exhausted and barely able to keep my eyes open... nap was the only thing on my mind. and nap is what i did. i snoozed for about an hour and was awaken by president obama giving his speech on the television. i was tempted to take my heavy and barely able to function body up the stairs and to bed around 7 tonight...but then my stomach sunk and i realized i have work to do. lots of classwork. 

i just don't understand being a teacher and going to graduate school. teaching all day is super exhausting and the idea of having a ton of work to do for a class on top of planning and grading in the evening hours just boggles my mind. taking summer classes works out just fine... but taking a class during the school year is tough. all i keep picturing in my head is my professor (who is a nun) telling the class that we may need to consider dropping the course if we can't keep up with the course load and class time. really, sister? 
so i print off the eight articles that need to be read by tomorrow... grab my handy dandy highlighter and go to town. the good news is that i am learning oodles about school reform and curriculum! woot! woot!!

speaking of WOOT! i was greeted at my door this afternoon with a package. and in the package were three items that are much needed in our new home. items we never even considered owning at our old place. simply because we never really had company... Check out our new additions to our kitchen! Welcome salt and pepper shakers, butter boy (corn is going to taste amazing) and a BUTTER DISH!! (no more sticking opened butter on a plate in the fridge!) thank you Jackie and Todd!  it really is the little things in life!
now we are really set for company! who's next!

ps. i totally am procrastinating reading my articles by typing this blog post...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


i walked in the door tonight soaking wet and freezing from the rain. i drove in the rain all day today. i drove to work in the rain. i drove from work to class in the rain. i drove from class back home... in the rain. i am over this rain. it was one of those days that i just wanted to stay in pjs, sit on my couch and drink hot tea.

as i was changing into warm, dry clothes, tim began making dinner. he used last nights leftovers and made a WHOLE new meal. he made teriyaki steak with sauteed zuchini and onions. it tasted like i was eating dinner at the habachi!

i realized today after being tired and miserable how wonderful it is to have a husband that cooks. i was so exhausted walking in the door tonight... if it wasn't for tim, i would have ate a bowl of cereal and called it a night.

i am so thankful for chef tim.

trying to get myself back into a routine with eating. packing my lunch again... tomorrow i will post about a typical breakfast, snack and lunch during a normal work day!

looking to get back in the 150s this week...

Monday, September 5, 2011

a little get together.

labor day weekend has come to an end. and so has my eating fest. i ate every day this weekend like it was my last meal. true story. 

we ended our weekend with our very FIRST get together as a married couple. tim and i never had much company in our apartment. it was very small... and tim thought it would be hard to make people feel comfortable in such a tight place. so we were excited to invite my parents and our friends over for a little barbecue.
tim grilled steaks and vegetables and he added a homemade potato salad on the side. we also had some juicy corn to go with it! (which i boiled and made!!! woot! woot!!) 
and for dessert, my friend jackie made an ice cream cake... decorated with reese's cups, cookies and sprinkles. it was amazing.
time to share my weigh-in news. it is rough...but not surprising. the number i am about to share is the number that i usually need to see to make me realize that i need to stop eating what i have been eating. the new number is 160.8...that is an 18.2 pound gain since may. back to counting calories tomorrow. back to making smarter choices. back on the road to lose twenty again... 

because i ALWAYS have twenty pounds to go...

next weigh-in: Monday, September 12th.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

the "ewwww" point.

i am at that point where i have gained at least fifteen pounds in about three months. i have only one pair of shorts that fit me comfortably. and a couple tops... i am at my "ewwww " point.

things that make me go "ewwww!"

this is the point when i try on all my clothes and nothing looks good over these hips. this is the point when  my clothes begin to get disorganized because i am trying on ten different outfits and tossing them on the bed and floor.
 this is the point when i notice that i have gained weight and i assume that EVERYONE around me notices and thinks it too. this is the point when i look at myself in the mirror and go "ewwww!"

usually when i get to this point, it kicks me into gear to start getting focused on eating healthy again. i HATE that i need to get to my "ewwww" point before i start eating healthy... why can't  i just learn to maintain and never get to this point.

it's a learning process... and a very frustrating one at that!

do you have an "ewwww" point? and how do you handle it?

Saturday, September 3, 2011

a lot can happen in ten days.

September... are we already in september? i have been neglecting my blog lately due to being overwhelmingly busy... i have had so many new and exciting thing happen over the past two weeks... so i will try to wrap them all up in a saturday morning post.

tim and i spent the end of last week packing up our apartment and getting ready for the big move...
i began to stress out BIG time on Thursday when I realized that a hurricane was heading towards us on our moving day. just our luck! we worked our tails off to get everything ready for the move so we wouldn't get caught in the rain moving our couches!
we had a fantastic moving team arrive on saturday morning. we were able to load and unload the truck in three and a half hours... as we were moving the last car load, the rain began... PERFECT timing.
thanks to the hurricane, i had a hurricane day on monday and the first day of school was postponed until tuesday... another gift. i was given another day to unpack, sleep and get organized before school started.

i had a wonderful first week of school with my students. what a great group i have... they are so adorable and sweet! :)

and to end the week, tim and i had our new furniture delivered... we LOVE it.  i felt old when we were looking at our furniture... i have had "kid" furniture for thirty years... and didn't realize what it felt like to have grown up furniture!

we picked up sasha last night from my parents house so now our family is back together... for the first time since july 26th!
as far as eating goes... it has been a nightmare. not going to lie. tim and i went to the store yesterday and bought healthy foods only for next week. i will weigh in on monday... and hopefully (fingers crossed) get myself back on the band wagon. so thankful for getting a routine back in my life!

Leaving you with some pictures of our new home. we love it and are looking forward to making new and wonderful memories. 

our new living room.
master bedroom.
(this room makes me feel like a grown up!)
morning room. 
(i love those love birds!)
guest room
(come on over and visit!)
Sasha's room. 
(she is so spoiled... how many cats do you know have their own room!)
Tim's first grill job!
speaking of wonderful memories... we had VERY exciting news happen in our family this past week... Dan and Amanda are expecting TWINS in the beginning of march. i can't even begin to explain how happy and excited i am to have TWO babies to hold and love in our family! 
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