Friday, January 15, 2010


I am so proud of you - you're doing great!!!! You're going to look FAB in that wedding dress. And then you can show off those pictures forever.

I am on my 5th day in a row of exercise - only 15 minutes of low impact stuff with 20 min of stretching but what a difference! I feel wonderful and my energy level has soared...a combo of regular exercise, being off the sugar and the fact that I'm LOVING my new job!
On the weekends, I'm going to do my strength training and I hope to start walking with my poles as the weather is getting a little more seasonably mild.
More than losing weight, I just want to be strong. I'm tired of looking so old and huffing & puffing. Also, I cognited that if I lose the fat, I'll WALK instead of waddle and walking will be far more enjoyable.
Thinking about entering a walking race - wouldn't that be cool.

Love you

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