Sunday, January 17, 2010

Human Garbage Disposal

party number 2 was a disgrace. an absolute disgrace. i ate everything in sight. it started off with a diet coke... not so bad but then i saw the buffalo chicken dip and chips...i dipped everything in the buffalo chicken dip... crackers, pretzels, chips, my finger. ugh.

then i ate sour cream and onion chips. and i mean i ate them.

then i ate dinner... pasta, salad and half of a roll...

then i ate dessert and i tore that dessert table up... i had a brownie, 5 pieces of candy, another brownie, and a few pepperidge farm cookies... and i ended with one last piece of a candy. holy moly.

woke up this morning to meet some old college friends in lancaster... i ate an egg white omelet and a piece of wheat toast and drank a cup of coffee... hoping to slow down today and get back on the band wagon.

didn't succeed this weekend but i hope to get focused again... hoping to drop at least .5 pound this week.

CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR TWO AND A HALF POUND LOSS! woot! woot!! hold a five pound bag of sugar in your hand... thats how much you lost!! it's alot!

love you.

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