Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"There's never any time."

one thing i have realized over the past few days is that my days are going super fast... between starting the school year and moving, my days are flying by!

all i keep connecting this feeling to is jessie spano. "No time! There's never any time! I don't have time to study! I'll never get into Stanford! I'll let everyone down! I'm so confused!"
i keep thinking... "No time! There's never any time! I don't have time to lesson plan! I'll never get settled in this new home! I'll pick the wrong players for fantasy football! I'm so disorganized!"

Now we all know how Jessie solved her "no time" problem... not a super great idea! (click here if you forget!)

i am solving my "no time" problem the best way i know how. eating. yep. i had wendy's for dinner after unloading a car full of boxes into our new place. it was really fast and super easy. i can't wait until i have time...

time to start grocery shopping. and time to cook meals. okay. who am i kidding? i don't cook. but time for tim to start cooking meals again!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

shaking it up...

today was my first day back at school... we had some time to work in our classrooms in the morning... and in the afternoon we had our faculty meeting to inform all of us on the upcoming events occurring at our school... in the middle of the meeting, i was beginning to feel a little dizzy and nauseous...i watched the chair next to me move. and i saw the carpet moving around. THANKFULLY the teacher next to me said she felt the shaking too! i wasn't going nuts or getting ready to pass out!
our principal let us out of the meeting a little early to go home... and home i went! i called my mom and she hurried over to my apartment, and together we packed up the kitchen.

she left me around 6:30 with boxes stacked and ready to be moved into our new place. after she left, i heated up last nights dinner, a slice of pizza, and drizzled it with hot sauce and ranch dressing... i know, i know... not a smart choice... but it was the only thing we had in our fridge... well except for a bottle of ketchup and a jar of olives.

whoops! packed away the plates!
now off to bed... yep. at 8:00. i am exhausted... i missed my afternoon nap today... ahhh... summer naps...i will miss you. but i know you will be back again in a short 182 school days. the wonderful life of a teacher. :)

did you feel the earthquake today? where were you when you felt it?

Monday, August 22, 2011

summer is over.

this was my last day of summer vacation... i go back to work bright and early tomorrow morning.

i started off my day getting a nice pedicure this morning. and ended my day packing and moving boxes into our new place. which caused my newly polished toenails to chip. oh well... at least they looked good for a few hours!

this packing thing is for the birds.
just a quick weigh in update. 154.8 gain of .2 pounds. that is a gain of 12 pounds over the summer. yikes. holy moly. jeepers creepers. that is an average 4 pounds a month. if i keep this rate up, my pants definitely won't fit me come october. they are probably already a tight squeeze now. remember "the ring"? not the scary movie... but it is scary enough! it is back in full swing!

next weigh-in: Monday, August 29th.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

missing in action. for 3 days!

wow! i CAN'T believe it is Sunday already. i have been super busy over the past few days... so busy that i haven't been getting home until super late... and i have been too tired to blog... hopefully that will all change when life settles down.

i have been busy getting my classroom ready for the upcoming school year, preparing for our big move next saturday, and of course drafting for fantasy football leagues... i am in FIVE!

I put the pink in football!
on friday, a friend and i took a trip out to collegeville, pa. i was DYING to show her Charming Charlies.
afterwards, we walked next door to grab lunch. i ate a greek salad with a cup of tomato soup.
after our lunch, i learned something new. i learned how to drive a STICK! it was wicked hard... but i pulled through... even when there was a mack truck behind me while i was sitting at a stop sign on a hill! HOLY MOLY! talk about stress!

to end the night we went to an indian restaurant...i ordered a creamy tomato dish... soo not healthy! but sooo good!

My new flower headband from Charming Charlies!
my eating has been a mess... creeping up the scale every week. craving routine. can't wait to get settled in our new place and for school to start.

weigh day tomorrow. yikes!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

wonderful time of the year.

Yesterday, tim and i made final decisions at the furniture store. we purchased a new bedroom set. a couch. and a little coffee table. we really had a blast deciding on the furniture together!
and the best part was the little cup of ice cream we received as we were walking out the door!
Back to School.
it's the most wonderful time of the YEAR!! you know that staples commercial... when all the kiddos head back to school along with their teachers. i do love the beginning of the year... getting my classroom set up... putting in place some ideas i came up with last year, but didn't get the chance to do and start. and getting back into a routine!

getting my classroom together is a lot of work and makes me really hungry! a few teachers and i ordered a large pizza pie to split for lunch...

Look! This pizza has a Barbie Table in the middle!
today, a fellow teacher and i spent some time creating an economy wheel for our classroom. we had a blast and i wanted to share it for any other teachers out there who do some kind of classroom economy!
off to meet some friends and watch the game... GO EAGLES!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

a fat cat.

this morning, sasha had her annual vet appointment. she was a great patient... however she gained 1.6 pounds in a year. now if i only gained 1.6 pounds in a year, i would be doing cartwheels in the doctor's office... but this vet made it clear that 1.6 pounds gained on a cat in a year is like 37 pounds gained on a human in a year. holy moly!

since i am terrified of her getting sick, we started her diet the second we got home from the vet... but i really think she looks perfect just the way she is..
After the vet, i took a road trip to visit a friend. she lives in middleburg, pa so we decided to meet halfway... which happened to be Hershey! We ate lunch at Red Robin. i had a bbq chicken wrap... not the healthiest choice but it was delicious!
After lunch, we sat outside and caught up with each other. we sat and chatted as the sound of roller coasters and screams were going on around us from hershey park.
for dinner, i tried to make myself something from the food in the cabinet. i tried to make a pasta dish with red pepper flakes and parmesan cheese. i failed miserably. it tasted HORRIBLE! i had a few bites and tossed the rest in the trash. i still need a lot more practice with this cooking thing.
weighed in this morning. new number is 154.6. up another pound. jeepers creepers.

i need to put myself on the same diet as my cat.

next weigh-in: Monday August 22nd.

have you ever failed miserably at cooking dinner?

Monday, August 15, 2011

furniture shopping.

tim and i have been very busy getting ready for our new place. we have decided to buy a new bedroom set for our new bedroom. that decision was made when i kindly explained that my bedroom set that i had since i was 3 years old just wouldn't look right in a big master bedroom.
yesterday, we drove over to Raymour and Flanigan and browsed around their store... Dolly, the sales lady, was kind of enough to follow our every move and offer us water due to the dry air in the store. tim and i sat on every bed and opened every drawer in the dressers.
we also decided to check out some couches... we found a favorite that we are also strongly considering to buy!
today, i had a fantastic lunch at my brother's place in honeybrook. my two brothers and i enjoyed each others company as i chowed down on a veggie wrap.
tonight, tim and i are heading out to look at more furniture... it has been so much fun looking and discussing how to decorate a room but also make it COMFORTABLE for the both of us. final furniture decision will be posted once we make up our minds.

and last but not least. i forgot today was monday so i didn't even think to weigh in this morning. i will be hopping on the scale first thing tomorrow... check back for an update!

do sales people, like dolly, overwhelm you sometimes?

Sunday, August 14, 2011


yesterday, tim and i took a BIG step in our marriage. we officially made the decision to have a joint bank account. we drove to tim's bank and added my name to his account. we are both excited to work together from one account and start budgeting and saving for our future!

after the bank, i was STARVING. i am embarrassed to say, but i went to mcdonalds. i did not get the smart choice of a happy meal. nope. not this time. i ordered a #4... a two cheeseburger meal. oh yea. and to finish it off, tim and i split a chocolate milkshake.

we then were invited to a party at a friend's house. i chatted, played cards, and chatted some more while eating a bowl of lays potato chips. after we left the party, i decided to drive to wawa and pick up some half and half for my morning coffee. while we were there i was DRAWN to the Doritos. so i bought them.
i then told tim that we should pick up something for breakfast to go with my coffee. one minute later, donuts were in my hand.
i have no willpower.

a friend of mine is very similar to me, she gains twenty and then loses it just like me! however, right now she is on the path of losing her twenty and i am on the path of gaining back my twenty... i have to admit that i am so jealous of her willpower right now. we are on different cycles with our weight. i tend to gain weight in the summer because of the lack of routine. and she tends to lose weight in the summer because she is not working and can focus on eating healthy.

tim made a point to mention that i always lose weight starting in january... new years resolution time. and i always gain weight in the summer. it is a vicious cycle. i see it now, especially when i look at old diet journals and now this blog.

do you have a weight loss/weight gain cycle?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

it's a game.

i came across this magazine while i was with my girls on wednesday. win at weight loss. it made me think that weight loss is a game.
and i am definitely losing. for the eighth time.
this is me.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

a rip.

today i had another fantastic day watching my niece and nephew... how could i not enjoy every second with these adorable kiddos!

yesterday, i mentioned how hard of a day it is taking care of two kids... i can't tell you how exhausting it is on the body too! i can't tell you the amount of times i sat on the floor, crawled on the floor, and bent over to the floor... i had to bend over to pick up toys. i had to bend over to pick up blankets and pillows. i had to bend over to pick up mckenna. by the 109th time i bent over, i heard a little noise. and i felt a little something.

yep. my favorite purple dress ripped right at the butt. seriously, if that doesn't tell me i better start eating healthy, i don't know what will!

to make matters worse, i was meeting a friend tonight right after babysitting... i would have to walk around all night with my backside showing! i could of cancelled but i decided i try to play McGyver and fix it... i found a few safety pins, and tacky glue and went to work while the kids took a nap. it totally did the job! i made it out with my friend, had a wonderful dinner and carried my purse behind me to cover the mess i made with glue and pins...

ready to give the dress up. we have had many memories (wedding planning, first year of marriage and two trips to mexico!) but you have done your time. thank you for holding on as long as you did. you will never be replaced... at least not in a medium...not anytime soon.

have you ever grown out of clothes and tried to hold on to them?

Monday, August 8, 2011

don't pee in the pool.

this blog update is a shout out to all "stay at home" moms out there. your job is HARD. this week i am lucky enough to watch my nephew and niece since their sitter is on vacation. i arrived at 7:30 this morning and our day just didn't stop!

the highlight of my day was when i was so excited to fill up a little plastic pool, dip my toes, and watch the adorable little ones play in the water... that totally didn't happen! the minute both kiddos sat in the pool, my nephew had to use the bathroom... are you kidding me? i asked you a HUNDRED times before you went into the pool... and now you have to go? so i wrapped up my niece who was SOAKING wet, dried off my nephew the best i could and helped him with "the potty"... and then they were maybe entertained for a total of twenty minutes in the pool and then we were on to the next thing! all that work for a twenty minute swim.

logan was telling me he had to pee in this picture.
i was SO happy when nap time rolled around... it meant i could clean up the mess both inside and outside of the house... forget the nap i thought i would get!

well. i did it. i faced my fears and stepped on the scale. damage done. 153.6.

a friend told me today, that once i am back at work, i will get back to a normal schedule. she is so right. i have such a hard time eating healthy without a routine and schedule. i think i am ready to go back to work. (did i just say that!)

next weigh-in on Monday, August 15th.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

scared of the scale.

since we are in the process of moving out of our apartment... we had to move sasha to my parents' house so she wouldn't get in the way of the realtor and future renters. she moved out about two weeks ago... and i have been trying my hardest to visit every day since i have returned from mexico. simply because i miss her!
i stopped to pick up lunch to eat while i had my short visit with her... i ordered a turkey sausage flatbread sandwich from Dunkin Donuts for 280 calories. i ate my sandwich at my parents' place and used about half their ketchup to dip it in! (sorry mom!)
tomorrow i step on the scale. i haven't done it in TWO weeks! i am scared of what i am going to see...although, who am i kidding... i have in no way worked at eating healthy over the past two weeks. so gaining weight shouldn't be a surprise. but i am still scared to go through my monday routine and step on that measuring tool first thing in the morning. i am bracing for the worst...

scarier than the dentist!
have you ever been scared to step on the scale and face the music?

Saturday, August 6, 2011

showing off the place.

since tim and i are moving in just a couple weeks... we have had to keep our apartment in tip top shape... meaning clean and spotless. the realtor can come at ANY time to show the apartment to a future renter. this is causing us to be a little anxious when it comes to making food in our kitchen. we don't want to make a mess... or make it smelly with food. we are also putting off grocery shopping because we don't want to throw away or move a bunch of food to our new place. so because of this, we have been and will be eating out ALOT over the next couple of weeks.

yesterday we had a showing around noon which worked out perfect because i was meeting a dear friend for lunch at cosi. i ordered my favorite sandwich... the TBM (tomato basil and mozzarella sandwich) was pretty awesome.
for dinner, we met up with a couple friend and ate dinner at a hibachi... i love those places... so much action! i ordered the chicken and shrimp off the menu.

and to finish up the evening, we walked across the street from our apartment to the fair. i didn't eat anything since i was full from dinner... but that cotton candy was so hard not to look at... it smelled so good!
starting to feel icky in clothes... notice in the picture above, i am wearing a gray sweatshirt... i am wearing a gray sweatshirt in 80 degrees! this is what i start to do when i am ready to start covering myself up because clothes don't feel and look as good as they did ten pounds ago. that gray sweatshirt is covering up my widening hips and back rolls. i can feel myself heading back up the scale.

do you have certain clothes you wear to hide yourself if you gain weight?

Friday, August 5, 2011

Mexico. Part Dos.

Buenos Tardes! Throughout most of our days at Mexico, we usually followed the same schedule...

9:30-wake up
10:15-find a place to lay by the pool

11:00-swim in pool
12:00- float in pool
1:00-lay by pool
2:00 -float in pool
3:00- lunch

4:00-float in pool
5:00-get ready for dinner
6:30-happy hour
9:30- karaoke or cocktails with friends- we met some wonderful friends from Wales!!

12:00- bed
my plan to exercise and be active on this trip didn't pan out the way i expected. in fact. the only exercise i did was float on a raft through the lazy river. with a quick kick of my feet every once in a while. tim did some exercise though! he played futball (soccer) on the beach!
and i thought he was going to die. he came over to me a couple times looking like death and barely able to breathe. made me realize that we both should get active again!
as much as i loved all the unlimited food and drink... it didn't love me back... tim said i had heart burn...i don't know what it was but i was MISERABLE...i spent 4 bucks on a pack of tums and that seemed to make me feel better... i must say, i was "all inclusived out"

we were very sad to go and ended our time having one of our favorite drinks... a banana mama!
it was a fantastic trip and i look forward to hopefully traveling with tim again soon. we miss mexico, but it was great to get home! we are looking forward to transitioning our lives to a new place... a new home... to make new memories.

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