Monday, January 18, 2010

visualization technique for handling parties

I used to use this whenever I went to a party or any place with lots of food...don't party much these days - it got old : )

Before the party I woud imagine that it was the morning after the party.
In my imagination, I wake up feeling especially thin and comfortable. I look in the mirror and am happy with what I see. I congratulate myself for being sane in my choices and for drinking a lot of water (instead of alcohol) at the party. I had a really good time at the party, got to taste everything without getting too full, talked to a lot of nice people,and when the party was over was feeling very proud of myself for eating like a normal person. Then I make sure that I DON'T go to the party hungry.

Another trick is to find some thin looking female at the party and watch what SHE eats, then follow suit. Then talk to her.

The problem with alcohol is that it releases one's inhibitions AND increases one's appetite. In fact, when we have patients who aren't eating enough, a glass of wine or a cocktail before the meal is recommended...who knew?

So back on track, you now have a cool tool for the next party.


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