Sunday, January 17, 2010

Down 2.5 lbs

I weighed myself this AM and am down 2.5 lbs - a total of 5.5 lbs. I'm very happy and feeling much better.

Yesterday, I was putting Xmas stuff away and discovered the candy that Nonni has been hiding from me. Oh well. one piece won't hurt. About 10 pieces later, I had an orange and a big glass of water and started over - I'm OK now...and I still lost weight, amazingly.

Took the day off from exercise yesterday but did a lot of stuff around the house so was realtively active.

I spend part of Sunday shopping for and prepping food for the week always making sure that I don't run out of good stuff to eat. I have to get Nonni to find another hiding place for her sweets.

All in all, doing well. Jeans are getting a little looser.

Love you

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