Sunday, January 3, 2010

Twas the night before...

january 4th. i said this date back in november. this would be the day when i would really work on my goal weight. i like the idea of visualizing myself on how i want to look in seven months. on my wedding day... my goals for the next seven months...

1.) eat three meals a day (don't skip breakfast)
2.) stick to my 23 points a day.
3.) exercise 30 minutes a day.
4.) drink lots of water.
5.) one cup of coffee a day.
6.) one dunkin donuts stop a week for a latte lite.

My plan is to get weighed in every Thursday. i weighed in today on my scale at home and...(drum role please) 156! holy moly. gained 16 pounds since September 24th! ugh. see. i love to eat! did i say twenty pounds? i meant 26 lbs!

big breath. we have seven months.



  1. 4 Jan 10
    LOL! What a GREAT idea taking your own picture. I can take ny own fat picture without involving anyone else.
    BTW, I would KILL to weigh a mere 156 lbs. I guess everything's relative.
    I'm lovin' this blog.
    Now, I know that it's considered poor form to weight yourself everyday but I just HAD to know. So I'm down 3 whole lbs this morning just letting go of the water weight and BOY! does even that small amount feel so much better. I'm headed in the right direction. WOO-HOO!
    Photo to come. Love you.


  2. In the spirit of focusing on how I want to look, I'm uploading a pic of me taken about 20 years ago in Italy. I weighed, at that time, about what you weigh now - perhaps closer to 160.Also, I was walking everyday then.

  3. Well, it cut off my head...bummer. but at least you can see my body. Just imagine today's face on that body. Shudder! How did you upload such a good photo of yourself?


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