Sunday, January 10, 2010

Extra Holiday Weight. GONE!

Drum Roll please... 150.5! Down 5.5 pounds. woot! woot!! twenty and a half pounds until my goal weight... and less then seven months to go...

i had a great time at the party yesterday... i ate good... i had one glass of wine and then switched to diet coke. i ate no appetizers... chewed gum... and for dinner i ate a BIG salad, olives, green beans and a little bit of delicious pasta salad.

for dessert i had about twenty m & ms. i turned down cake and other pastries.

Paul, Kim, Dan, Amanda, Tim and I went to Kildares in KOP last night from 10:30 until about 1am... Everyone decided they were hungry again and ordered Loaded French Fries and Chicken Wings. I didn't touch any of it even though it smelled and looked delcious! I was so happy when the last french fry was eaten and I didn't have to look at it anymore!

We were invited to a brunch today with friends. ugh. more temptation. i hate weekends. but i have to go, i love seeing everyone. i am going to chew gum, eat some fruit and portion out some eggs...and chew gum again. chewing gum seems to work wonders.

Next weight update will be on thursday at my WW weigh-in. Congratulations on 3 pounds of weight loss! it's great to see numbers going down!

Good luck with tomorrow... it is so nice to know that you are working so close to home now. i love it.

Love you.

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  1. WOW!!! CONGRATS!! :) Guess I need to start chewing gum!! How did you do that? And in one week?? Whoa! :) Nice job!


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