Sunday, September 14, 2014

life is nuts.

september is always a tough month for me. the transition back to a new school year is hard. i go from making my own schedule every day to now being assigned my schedule. i also have started my last grad class ever... and it was instant overwhelming. i have assignments due every week. EVERY week. 

i have been stepping on the scale. and i am down a pound so far this september. which means i only have one more pound to lose to meet my september goal. i have lost a total of 22.2 pounds since the beginning of the summer.

i haven't been too diligent with focusing on myself. i have tried to stay away from horrible things that i love. for example, tim and i went out for dinner on friday night and i ordered the cheese ravioli instead of my ultimate favorite, fettuccine alfredo. last night i had a fantabulous dessert... i split it with a friend rather than eating the whole thing... which i could have TOTALLY done. 

exercise has been minimal. went to the orthopedic surgeon on friday afternoon. my stress fracture is still not healed. another six weeks of no impact on my left leg. i was given the "okay" to use an exercise bike... so that will be my next plan at the gym. riding a bike.

i just need to figure out how put exercise in my day. but life is nuts right now... and i have no idea where to even squeeze it in.
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