Wednesday, January 6, 2010

tuna sandwich w/ no mayo.

Tonight is wednesday night. tim always makes me the best dinners on wednesday nights. he sometimes has a hard time making them healthy for me but tonight he did. he is making me a tuna sandwich on wheat bread with onion, tomatoe and avocado. instead of mayo he added lemon juice, a little bit of oil, dijon mustard and salt and pepper. he then cut up some tomatoes and added salt and pepper on them as our side. delicous.i bought a new candy bar i haven't seen in the stores yet. it is called a Three Muskateers Truffle crisp. it has two sticks and one stick is chocolate stick is only 85 calories. 2 points! i love chocolate so what a great way to get it!

i am taking vitamins... i am taking One A Days every morning. i am not a fan of the big horse pills so i bought the gummi ones for adults. and i love them!

today was better. three girls at lunch are doing WW too so we are helping each other out with point ideas and staying on track. also, jenny glenny, is doing WW too so I have been reading her blogs to help me out... they are great. we are a follower of her blog so if you can, definitely check it out.

not sure if i am losing weight yet... don't feel it in my size 8 pants but i have to keep reminding myself that i want this weight to come up slow... i have seven months. i don't want to rush it and think i need to see change right away. then i will definitley get discouraged.

Wow! outback steakhouse. you are brave. i would end up eating a bloomin' onion, bread, salad with ranch dressing and big bowl of potato soup! i am proud of you for going to such a great place in only the beginning of our way to healthy eating!

i had my chip. it was delicious. thank you for reminding to eat what i crave. you are right. i might of ended up eating a whole bag.

thank you for all your support. i loved reading your latest blog. i can't wait to feel thin and have that skinny attitude. i am so happy we are doing this.

love you.


  1. It's so great that your friends are on WW, too. Reaching your goal is assured! The more support, the better. Did you get a chance to watch that Youtube 59 second clip?

    That was so nice of Tim to do that for you. Avacado on a sandwich. That sounds really good!! I love avacado. BTW, you have a good guy, there.

    This morning I got up and was wanting something sweet. I know there's candy & cookies in the house. But then I remembered that I have to blog you and that snapped me out of it. Had 2 oranges instead.

    Since I start the new job on Moday, I'm racing to catch up with everything that needs doing here in the house and in my trading studies...exercise is suffering but I've actually scheduled exercise right after my online class at 0800 this mmorning.

    This afternoon, going to La Spina to get a back-sial (facial for the back). This will help me appreciate my body and take better care of it.

    I feel like I'm getting into the swing of things, thinking more like a skinny (healthy)person and eating accordingly. Nonni is very supportive of my efforts and tries not to place any temptation in my way, though she's always offering food to me - I think it's just a Mother thing - wanting survival for the offspring, you know : )

    Gotta go. Love you. Have a wonderful day.

  2. BTW, how do you get those little fotos on there...can't figure it out.

  3. T...remember when we used to eat tuna and toast? haha :) Good job, Timothy! Casey still tries to feed me ice cream, cookies, and pizza! ;)

  4. ps...I chew flinstones vitamins b/c I hate swollowing the big ones, too!!


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