Saturday, January 16, 2010

parties, parties, and more parties.

so far, so ugh.

last night i had two glasses of wine and snacked on pizza goldfish and peanuts. then i went out to dinner and ate half of a grilled chix wrap with ceaser dressing on the side. i ate a few french fries too.

this morning i had a baby shower...i ate 3 tea sandwiches that were cucumber with wheat bread. i ate 5 shrimp. i drank a cup of punch. and ate half of a bagel with cream cheese. yea it was rough. i stayed away from cake though!

then i got home around 2 and was hungry again so i ate some more peanuts and pizza gold fish.

in my head i am thinking... well i have been eating all day i might as well eat all night too at the next party but then i thought wait... i need to blog.

i know this party will have chips/dips/crackers/cheese/pasta/bread/ everything i love! i need to stop eating while i am ahead and not eat a ton of calories tonight and put the weight back on that i just lost. this is so hard. and it makes me realize how weak i am really am at this stupid eating healthy thing. i love to eat junk food...errr...

i will fill you in on the party tomorrow! have a wonderful saturday!

Love you.

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