About Me

My name is Theresa and I am a 30 something year old teacher. I love teaching, spending time with family and friends, singing and of course, EATING!
My weight loss journey began in college.

I was always an athlete. I was on the cross country team and track team and very involved in working out. However, i was exposed to salad bars, pasta bars, dessert bars and chocolate milk. I use to eat endless tacos, chicken wings and pizza. i have a hard time stopping after i get eating so low and behold, i gained and loss, gained and loss twenty pounds over and over again. i would go through two extremes. eat until i was stuffed. or diet.

i have continued this pattern into my adulthood. i love food. i love to eat. but i am trying to learn a happy medium. trying to balance my diet. 

i have kept weight loss journals next to my bedside since 2001 and just last year i decided to enter the blogging world and share my constant weight gain and loss.  it really helps to share my thoughts about food and eating through this blog and of course with my husband tim.

i am hoping to get to my goal weight of 135 and learn to maintain. maintaince, to me, is much more challenging than weight loss. as i am on this journey, i am learning strategies, exericise routines and recipes that i want to share on this blog. i will also share the successes and the failures along the way.

this blog is dedicated to my journey of losing and maintaining weight... so i will no longer have to think "twenty pounds to go..."

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