Sunday, July 18, 2010

A note to the fat theresa.

Haven't updated in a while... been super busy wedding planning and looking forward to the day. went to try on my wedding dress on july 8th. the lady had to take in an inch on each side. she told me not to lose any more weight. so i have had to maintain. i had to maintain 140. never made it to my goal weight. i might have dropped to 139 here and there. but my body just wouldn't budge. and i did EVERYTHING.

I have realized that i am happy at my 140. really. i will never ever be a super skinny girl as much as i always wanted to be. i am happy in my skin. i am sure i will look fine in my dress.

i will always have to work hard to keep at 140 too. won't surprise me if i gain ten pound between now and september. once i start eating foods i love... weight sneaks up on me. but i want to remind myself now... RIGHT NOW... that you feel WONDERFUL at 140... you love those summer dresses and trying on clothes. you love the way you look. hopefully this will get across to the 150 theresa. and the 160 theresa. and the 170 theresa. you worked hard to get to this point. don't throw it away in six months. remember this feeling. it was worth the HARD work over the past year. don't give up... eat healthy. exercise. say no to junk food. (maybe have a taste) enjoy life. at a healthy 140 pounds.

5 days.........
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