Saturday, January 9, 2010

Good & Plenty

Frick! I found the box of Good & Plenty's (my favorite) Nonni got for me for Xmas which was in my stocking and then I told her to hide them from me. I opened a cabinet and there they were. So I ate a few handfuls of them before I regained consciousness and threw the rest of them in the big trash can in the garage. But then I saw the chocolates that Nonni was supposed to hide from me and I started eating them...not a good day.
I think I'm back on track, now.

INteresting! The one thing I failed to do this morning was blog about this diet. it was downhill after that. DIDn't drink my water, never took my vitamins, stopped at DD for a bran muffin (not on my diet), ate the candy - Oh! and still not exercising.

One positive thing I did was order a ton of those protein bars. They make a great snack when I'm hungry but unable to get to a kitchen. I'm going to keep some in my car to avoid trips to DD and I'll take one to work everyday for break instead of hitting the candy machine. I'm going to buy a case of water tmr and keep it in my office so i always have plenty of water upstairs. Sometimes I get tied up in my office and just won't go downstairs for water. The water is so important. I have my low impact exercise DVD in my office and will exercise there cause I really don't like exercising in the basement which is where all the equipment is now. When this cold snap breaks , I'm going to walk with walking poles...good for upper body, too.

Hope the party went OK. Start the new job Monday. Sure it will be fine.


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