Sunday, August 31, 2014

balancing life.

Happy sunday! well... another week down. this week was a tough one to focus on. i am back to work and i have my VERY last graduate class. or so i hope. this graduate class is going to be the death of me.  lots of papers and lots of writing. but once i am finished, i will officially have my principal certification... jeepers, that took FOREVER!! i might as well move on to work on my doctorate... why not?! kidding!!

one of my goals for the month of september is to pack a lunch every single day. i plan on packing it the night before. i am really working on giving my self time to get things accomplished this year. i am trying to balance work, grad school, wife, mom, and me. i have made the decision to work my hardest the 9 hours i am at work on work stuff. then the minute i leave work, i focus on being a mom and wife from 4:30-8. After 8, i work on myself except on grad school nights and projects.

i also plan to work out on saturdays, wednesdays and thursdays. i know it is only three days a week, but honestly, that is the only time i can make it work in my weekly schedule. there is only so many hours in a day.

down just a tad. but it is a loss. 21.2 pounds so far. going to keep focused and continue trucking along!!

Friday, August 29, 2014

20.8 pounds... GONE!

boy. days are flying by. i am here and trying to continue to make healthy choices. i am down a little over two pounds which means i made my 20 pound loss for the summer!

my next goal is another small one... i would like to be in the low 170s by the end of september. so that means i can lose any where from 2 pounds to 6 pounds and still meet my goal.

Holy 20 pounds!! 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

170's BABY!

woo hooo! i hit my mini goal of being in the 170's by the time school started! i am down a total of 18.6 pounds since school left out on june 20th. my next mini goal is to lose 20 total by the time the students come back on the first day of school next monday. that is just a measly 1.4 pounds to lose.

i haven't been in the 170's in a long time. it feels good. still don't have a final weight goal. i just want to feel better about myself. that is my main goal. i don't want to fail like i have done SO many other times... another goal. not to fail.

here is to another successful week!

Friday, August 15, 2014

ear tubes- take TWO

another week down. it has been a crazy, hectic week. i had a ton of appointments for both Landon and  me. the most recent one is an ENT appointment for Landon to do a quick check up on his ear tubes that were placed in his little ears when he was five months old. we have been going to the ENT every six months since then and the appointments have been quick and painless so i thought the appointment this week would be the same.......

well. i was wrong. dr. j told me that landon's ear tubes are out of the drum and there is a good amount of fluid in the left ear. this could be why we saw such a significant drop in his hearing test in may in the left ear. this could also be why we are having some speech issues. 

so surgery number TWO is set. the old set of ear tubes will come out and a new set of ear tubes will go in on september 30th. i get sad and worried just thinking about it, but know how quick and painless the whole procedure is. 

i had my MRI appointment on Monday... and i recently got a phone call from the orthopedic specialist suggesting i wear another brace on my knee to help it out. i may need to wear this brace for all exercise when i decide to go back to the treadmill.

finally, i am ending this post with a summary of my two weeks in water fitness classes. I LOVED THEM. i was super sad today as i was finishing up my last water fitness class this summer. it is truly an AMAZING way to work out and i seriously can't believe not many young people are in to it. the hour FLYS by. i keep comparing the workout to running on a treadmill. running feels like it takes FOREVER. water fitness goes so fast with all the different activities done in the pool. i plan on joining the monday evening class and hopefully go to the classes during days off during the school year. 

onto the weekend... hoping to meet my goal and touch the 170s!! 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

heathy food hater.

i have come to the realization of something over the past six weeks. i will openly admit this since it has been on my mind.

i really don't like healthy food. i usually start out liking it... but then i just get tired of it. i get tired of veggies, chicken, and fruit. i get tired of almonds, granola bars, and fiber cereal. i get tired of eating healthy.

BUT WHY don't i get tired of eating junk. i don't get tired of cookies. EVER. i don't get tired of eating doritos. NEVER. i don't get tired of candy or pizza. or wings. or ice cream. NOT AT ALL.

so why do i get sick of healthy food. why do i not like healthy food. this is why i am in a constant battle with my weight.

because i HATE healthy food. and LOVE junk food.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

a cheese doodle.

the past few days i have really been pushing through cravings. i have wanted every snack food in the book. it doesn't help that i have every snack food in the book right now at the house.

we had to buy some snack foods to provide for our babysitter on saturday night. cheese doodles are the "big" thing on my mind right now. an unopened bag of cheese doodles. yum. every time i open the pantry, i see them! i can easily consume the whole bag in on sitting.

tim isn't eating them. i don't want landon to eat a whole bag of cheese doodles. so they sit unopened in my closet screaming, "EAT ME!" over and over again.

it is me against the cheese doodle.
come on WILL POWER!!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tough weekend.

it was a tough weekend. the weekend started off with a double date with couple friends at the Cheesecake Factory.

i ate half a grilled chicken and avocado sandwich on butter drenched bread. it was pretty amazing. i had two lemon drop martinis and an amazing appetizer of chips and spinach dip. i, of course, finished off the meal with a piece of reese peanut butter cheese cake. it was out of this world. luckily, i was pretty full from dinner and drinks that i barely made a dent into the cheesecake.... so i brought it home!

today, i went to a beautiful bridal shower. it was super adorable. i skipped all desserts and stuck with fruit. i ate okay throughout the day... but, i knew the cheesecake was waiting for me in the fridge when i got home tonight. i ate a few bites and boxed it back up to finish tomorrow.

i didn't eat the healthiest this weekend, but didn't do my usual ridiculous eating either. weighed in this morning. down 3.2 pounds... for a total of 17 pounds. only one more pound until the 170s... and three more until the big 20 pound loss for the summer.

super busy week ahead... crazy week. here i go........

Friday, August 8, 2014

Water Fitness

happy friday!! another week is almost in the books. my knee is feeling better. i go for an MRI on Monday to check out the degree of the stress fracture. i haven't had to wear my brace in a few days. i can honestly say that i have been pain free.  i am hoping the MRI comes back okay and i can slowly start increasing my exercise. but until then...

 i started to do water fitness for an hour a day. my first day was on tuesday. i am not going to lie. i felt funny jumping into a pool full of women who were twice my age or more. not one single person was near my age bracket. but, i decided to make the most of it and prayed that it would be somewhat of a good workout... and it totally was!

i coud do every exercise at my pace and push myself harder than the older ladies. the instructor took time to show me ways to make the exercises more challenging... and to be honest. i was dying during a few of them! i couldn't believe the amount of energy i was using to workout in the water. doing jumping jacks in the water is SOOO much better on my knee than on land... i still felt like my heart rate was increased, but without any pain.

i plan on going to water fitness classes all next week... and then i head back to school the following week. it has been nice not having to work and just focus on me over the past six weeks. i honestly have NO clue how i am going to balance work, wife, mom, and me in a couple weeks. i will be happy to take any ideas. because i am stressing just thinking about it.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

stress fracture.

another week in the books. still doing okay. i got off the beaten path on thursday thanks to a wonderful dinner out in Philadelphia to celebrate my anniversary. we ate an amazing steak house. we also went to hershey park today. i had chicken fingers for lunch and a hot dog for dinner... i keep telling myself, that i could have done A LOT worse, but i focused on landon in the park and not on the food.
down another 1.8 pounds... that puts me down 14 pounds total. only a little over three more pounds to get into the 170s again. haven't seen that number in over a year!

went to the orthopedic specialist on thursday... turns out, i have a stress fracture in my knee. he wanted me on crutches, but i explained about having a toddler. he decided to put me in a ginormous knee brace instead. so no impact exercise for a while. like months....

so i decided to start something new. i am going to join the water fitness group at the gym starting monday morning. i need to keep this body moving if i plan on feeling better about myself.

bring on another week. my goal is to lose another two pounds! remember to check out "my journey" page for weight updates!

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