Sunday, January 24, 2010

27 Dresses

Hi, AT,
I can't belive how easy this weekend was compared to the last party weekend. Jenny's on WW, too. We looked out for each other AND we had a TON of fun at the parties. See! You can have fun without stuffing yourself and without drinking too much - totally do-able. This visualization stuff really works! Thanks for the tip!!

What a great weekend! this has been the best weekend yet in january.

we got dresses for our girls... hard finding dresses for one pregnant girl and one maybe pregnant girl!:) ugh. at least i will look skinny compared to them up there on my wedding day;):)

need to start report cards today. they are due this week... can't wait until the month of february is over...such a stressful time during the school year.

6.5 pounds!
You will hit the big ten mark before you know it!

love you.

six months and sixteen pounds to go...

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