Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Grocery Shopping

grocery shopping is not my thing. i lived at home with my family until i married tim and i never had to plan meals or cook. i seriously had no interest to learn. my brothers BOTH went to culinary school in high school and now one of them owns a successful pizza place. my grandmother is an amazing cook... my favorite meals are her pasta dishes and her turkey soup! i wish i had that desire to learn to cook and get to know food. but i never did and i think this is why i struggle with meal planning and grocery shopping.
(This is my first shopping trip being married with Tim!)

one semester in college, i meal planned and grocery shopped with my roommate. but honestly... back then... when we were dirt poor... we were more concerned on saving money than planning healthy meals... i could make an amazing chocolate chip pancake (who knew they shouldn't be gooey in the middle!) 

when i go shopping, i stick to the same foods. the same snacks. the same breakfasts. the same lunches. the same dinners. boring. i had a goal this summer to try to follow a recipe and make a new meal every week. but honestly... it is so hard to prep and cook a meal with a 1 year old who is either cranking at my feet or getting into something he shouldn't be. 

i also am not a fan of grocery shopping because i swear they have candy, cookies, and sweets of all kinds hiding around every corner! there was a BIN of chocolate sitting next to the vitamin/slimfast aisle! it is like someone is purposely trying to sabotage any healthy plans i have... by throwing a snickers bar or reese cup right in front of my cart.
i will continue working on this whole meal planning/grocery shopping/cooking thing. i will continue to try to dodge the candy jumping at me throughout the grocery store. i will try my hardest to try and enjoy grocery shopping...because i do think meal planning/grocery shopping is such an important piece to not only losing, but maintaining a healthy weight.

Monday, July 3, 2017

July Update

The month of a June was a busy one. we had three birthdays. vacations. and picnics galore. i went a little sugar crazy on my vacation... but pulled myself back together for the picnics.

i had a smart friend tell me she picks a date to make special and eats healthy until that date arrives. tim and my 7 year anniversary is quickly approaching at the end of july. i booked us a babysitter for july 29th and i plan on eating healthy until that night... and then i will eat my favorite foods and drink my favorite drinks!

i weighed in this month... i gained weight! 153.2. normally i would be pretty upset and crushed... but thankfully i measured myself on June 3rd too! and i am down 4.5 inches and did not gain any inches anywhere on my body! Believe it or not... my arms each lost an inch! i am feeling pretty confident waving at people now... so if i wave at you... it's because my arms are MUCH smaller!😂😁

i started running using the Couch to 5k app... and i am halfway through Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30. i am probably the fittest i have been in 6 years. i feel skinny.... but i feel really strong too! for those of you running, shredding and getting ripped... thank you for motivating me! i am looking forward to exercise... when not even two months ago i hated it.

i'm happy with my 40 pound weight loss... i am happy right where i am. i will update my weight every month, but i will no longer be so focused on dropping pounds. i'll be focusing on getting stronger and continuing to make time for exercise.

i am finally the healthy, happy mom i have been wanting to be for years!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Fitbit

i like a good competition. in fact, i am probably the most competitive person i know. i get teary eyed losing at a game of bowling... and i am TERRIBLE at bowling. i put 100% effort into every competition. when i was a kid, i would get upset if i lost at any game. i would get frustrated and angry at others if i was on a losing team. i decided at a young age to run cross country and track because i couldn't handle other competitive sports. if i lost... it was my own fault. i had no one else to blame. 

fast forward to my birthday... tim gave me a Fitbit. in the beginning, it was neat. i loved how it monitored my sleeping and my heart rate. it made me aware of how active i was through the day. 10,000 steps seemed easy for me to get... and it was easy because i am pretty active chasing a toddler around and going for daily walks twice a day. i noticed at the end of the day i was usually around 13,000 steps a day. Sometimes i was higher because of the Couch to 5K and those thirty minute walk/runs can really increase the step count!

on monday, i entered my very first Fitbit challenge... the "Work Week Hustle." it is with some family members... one of whom is my brother. i figured, i had the challenge in the bag since i knew my step count daily was pretty high. i figured i wasn't behind a desk all day and was able to move whenever i wanted... i was really confident... i totally had this. 

man... was i wrong. i am walking/dancing/running and still barely holding on. all day long, i am getting notifications that i am falling behind or that someone is tiptoeing past me...my legs ache every night trying to keep up with the crew. i took advil two nights this week just to fall asleep. 

yesterday morning, i woke up and my Fitbit wasn't working. it was frozen. i could feel myself panicking. my heart was racing. i was getting angry because every step i was taking... wasn't "counting!" After a restart... and an hour of wasted steps... my Fitbit started to work again. However, this morning i woke up... and the same thing happened. i tried restarting. and tried again. nothing. it would constantly freeze and miss so many steps. i had errands to run and things to do so i left the house freaking out that every step i took meant nothing. when i got home at lunch, i restarted it again and prayed it would get working... and it did. but i knew i could never take the lead. i was upset. frustrated. angry. i would have to work extra hard to even get close to my usual daily count. 

and then i realized this has become ridiculous. i am killing myself and exhausted. i NEVER sit. my body hurts. i was not even going to try to make up the steps. i am not going to win. and it will be okay. so... to wrap this post up... this will be the very first and last challenge i do. i am too competitive and i just can't handle it. my name is theresa and i am NOT the winner of the "Work Week Hustle."

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Vacation Confession

Well... here i go. after going more than 140 days without fun sugar, i cracked. i had a piece of ice cream blizzard cake on Landon's birthday. then i had another piece the day after. and another piece the day after... which pretty much lead right into my birthday...

i told tim i wanted one of my favorite donuts from my favorite bakery at the beach... i swear... they are the BEST. vanilla cream powdered donut. they stuff that baby with more cream than you can even imagine. i ate the whole thing in like two minutes. and then i ate ice cream cake.

the next day i went for the oreos. double stuff. i ate one. and then another... and then two more. oh. and tim bought me another vanilla cream donut. heck... i ate FOUR of those in a week!

i ate brownies covered with icing to celebrate my brother's birthday on thursday at the beach. and then on friday i bought a bag of chocolate covered peanuts and devoured them all within an hour... oh and washed them down with some pepsi.

i woke up this morning and had to make a decision. do i continue on this path of eating all this delicious sugar again? or do i go back to my original plan and stay away from the stuff that packs pounds on me quickly. thanks to some of you already starting the next 30 day workout... i was able to commit myself to stay sugar free again. this is so hard for me to do. i feel like i failed and over ate things i haven't touched in months!

we had a father's day picnic today... i didn't touch the dessert. a huge success after the ridiculous week i had. focusing back on being healthy and making healthier choices. weigh day is still planned for july 3rd. i got this...

and i'll end this post with some beach memories... the week was exhausting... my kids were up around 5:38 most mornings because of the bright sunshine... but we took lots of afternoon naps and had a wonderful time!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

June Update

Wow. What a month! i decided back in april to get this body moving in may. and what a crazy month of may it has been. i HATED working out in the beginning. DREADED hearing JMike's voice... was MISERABLE during every circuit... but then something changed around Day 19/20. I started to ENJOY it. i started to look forward to the quiet time in the basement to focus on me. i could feel myself get stronger and stronger as i approached Day 30. i wanted to get my workout in. i was determined. for those of you who are shredding... hang with it! I promise it will get better after the halfway mark!

i weighed myself today after a month of keeping off the scale. i was surprised by the results since i thought i was gaining muscle during the 30 days. but the new number is 151.2.  A loss of 6.6 pounds... for a grand total of 43.6 pounds since January 3rd! that's more than Landon! it's an average of 8.5 pounds a month!

i measured myself after i completed 30 days of The Shred...

Day 1
Hips-39.5 inches
Waist-33 inches
Left Arm-12 inches
Right Arm 13 inches
Butt-40.5 inches
Chest-38 inches
Left Thigh-22.5 inches
Right Thigh-22.5 inches

Day 30
Hips-37 inches (-2.5)
Waist-31 inches (-2)
Left Arm-11.5 inches(-.5)
Right Arm-11.5 inches (-1.5)
Butt-38.5 inches
Chest-36 inches
Left Thigh-20.75 inches
Right Thigh-21 inches

i lost a grand total of 13.75 inches off my whole body! i was shredded!!

And finally some updated pictures from the January to present... i've always loved seeing weight loss transformations... so hard to believe i am one now!

no exercising for me tomorrow... i'm taking the day off! 😁

Monday, May 29, 2017

A Shred Update

Hard to believe the month of May is almost over... it seems like just yesterday when i decided to try and exercise again after not moving a muscle in years!

for those of you who are not familiar with the Shred.. it is a 30 day program with 3 levels. each level is 10 days. when i started on may 1st... i literally hated everything about it. even down to the nice, smiling girls in the back.

the first ten days (level 1) were torturous. it could have been because my body was weak and everything was hard. i mean... how can there not be a jumping jack modification? level 1 just went on and on...it was a long 10 days.

as i moved into level 2, things got a little easier. they say it takes two weeks to start or break a habit...i'd say by the middle of level 2, i started to look forward to exercising. i started to feel stronger... i started to have a more positive outlook on getting in shape. i could feel a difference in my body.  the next 10 days (level 2) went much faster!

and finally level 3. i'm five days in... and those five days flew. the 25 minutes don't feel very long. there are some ridiculous, tough moves in level 3 (scissor crunches!!), but it seems much easier now than when i started level 1.

five more days until the next weigh-in. five more days of the shred. i'll update the measurements on june 3rd... and maybe some pictures....final stretch!!
(Landon and I shredding on Day 10-Last Day of Level 1!)

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Pre-K Graduation Day

this has been a bit of a crazy time in our family. landon has been wrapping up his preschool years. and today was his pre-k graduation day. it is a little bittersweet moving on to kindergarten. i am excited for the changes to come... but, i know once school really hits... life will get extremely busy with sports, activities, and homework. time will fly.

it seems like just yesterday i was waiting for him to make his appearance. he was due around this date five years ago... how has it been five years since i began this journey of motherhood. a journey that has not always been easy. a journey that is exhausting and rewarding at the same time. a journey that i LOVE being on... but also need a break from too.

it has only been recently that i figured out how important it is to take a break. a moment to myself.  like a pit stop. whether it be out to dinner with a friend. a date night. a pedicure. a quick happy hour. writing a blog post. or even a thirty minute exercise session.

i'm looking forward to summer. a summer to enjoy my young children. a summer which will include time for myself.

a summer to continue on this journey... and of course i'll be adding in some pit stops.

Thursday, May 18, 2017


back in april i decided to start moving my body for the first time in a LONG time. i set the goal of doing the Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred Challenge every day in May. because of many of you joining me, i was able to get myself exercising for fifteen days already!

fifteen days doesn't sound like much... but it is a big milestone here. i wanted to quit at least three times already. the first time was before day 1 even started. i didn't even want to begin working out. the second time was after day 5. i was miserable and feeling gross with myself on a friday night. and the third time was right before day 8. this was when i had to stop exercising for three days because of both nolan and me getting pretty sick. i thought i should just quit because i wanted to do 30 days straight during the month of may and now the streak was over. 

after the third time of wanting to quit, i realized something about myself. i am a perfectionist. i wanted to quit the third time because i didn't meet the "goal" of  30 days consecutively. it was no longer going to be followed perfectly. but that was a really difficult goal to even set for myself. for someone who hadn't moved a muscle in years. for someone who is busy being a wife. being a mom. being a teacher.

i think this is why it has taken me so long to drop all my weight. it was always all or nothing. i have gone on diets off and on over the past five years. i even tried cutting sugar this time last year... but i ate 1 donut on vacation and thought... well... that's it. might as well have another donut... and another.. and hence falling off the wagon. if i don't do it perfectly, i give up.  and pretty quickly.

giving up fun sugar for 100 days was a tough goal to achieve. it got easier as time went on and as more and more people knew i was doing it. i had so much support around me. the perfectionist in me didn't want to let myself down!  i didn't want to feel embarrassed by not succeeding. sometimes setting goals is a great thing... but sometimes they can disappoint too... especially when you set them a little to high... especially when you are a perfectionist and don't want to fail. 

i have learned now to share my goals with others. to let them know if i fail. or if i succeed. this motivates me to keep moving forward even when i feel defeated and want to quit. it is so much better to have friends along the way. i hope i continue to motivate you like you are all motivating me.

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