Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Good morning

Good morning,

Congratulations on the treadmill - you're doing great.

SO IMPORTANT: if you're craving chips, have the chips. Use your optional calories for that...get the small bag. You so can have them. if you make yourself miserable, you'l fail at this diet - guaranteed.

This is what I've done in the past If I crave something, I get in the car, got to the local convenience store, purchase what it is I crave and - for me - I sit in the car and thoroughly enjoy the hell out of it. NO one's around, I focus on the wonderfulness of my treat. THEN, start the car, go home and you'll feel so much better.

If you don't give into these cravings, you'll end up binging. WW addresses this, too. BTW, cravings are a sign of not enough Vit C in your diet. Are you taking vitamins?

By now you should have lost a few lbs and are feeling thinner and lighter (I am), clothes a little looser. FOCUS on the good things and that will create MORE good things. The JOY of how much better your body feels, how awesome you're going to look in that dress, how proud you are of your efforts, the stares you get from guys (hope Tim isn't reading in). When someone notices that you're thinner, say "Thank you very much"...period. Attitude is everything!!

Yesterday afternoon, Nonni & I had dinner w ben diGiacomo at Outback - one of my favorite places to eat. I did eat more than I'd planned, but I stuck to my rules...only one cup of coffee for the day, 10 glasses of water for the day, took my vitamins, no sugar (no dessert) and one small piece of BROWN bread - rice instead of fries. Oh and a teeny glass of the most wonderful wine. I was happily full but not uncomfortably bloated as I usually am after a meal out. NOthing more after that for the day.
My exercise is suffering - so busy handling house stuff this week before I know it the day is over and I hate to exercise at night casue then I can't sleep.

Have a asmall bag of your favorite chips in private, enjoy the hell ot of them and have a wonderful day.

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