Friday, January 8, 2010

party pooper.

i love a friday. today was the easiest day so far. i had a two hour delay today and it was amazing! extra two hours of sleep! love it!

today i had a latte and enjoyed every sip of it. it was so good.

i am dreading the weekend. weekends are so hard for me. i have a party tomorrow night. tim and i always go to DD on saturday AND sunday. we split a donut, a bagel and i get a latte. a tough habit to break.

anytime i am at party, i eat and i eat and i eat. i don't know how to stop nor do i want to... so i am hoping that saturday night goes okay. i plan on visualizing what i am going to eat and what i am not going to eat...

I have a great dad. he really is amazing. thinks of others all the time. love him too.

okay. i am off to eat a Blackened Chicken Salad with Ranch dressing on the side.

love you. enjoy your weekend!


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