Sunday, January 12, 2014

Step On Scale Sunday

you have to excuse my lack of blog posts. this balancing act of being a working mom is a tough one. i also just registered for my VERY last graduate class ever. this one will be the biggest doozy of them all. the good news is that i officially have my masters degree as of january 6th. however, the principal certification requires a practicum class and 180 hours of extra work outside of the classroom. so i will be adding this on top of everything else going on in our little lives. i think i can, i think i can, i THINK i can.

weighed in this morning. 184.2. that is a loss of 1.8. not a big one but a little move. i'll take it! here comes week 2!

Next weigh-in: January 19th.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

cookies and a potty.

i love being a teacher. it is a very busy job and can be challenging... but at the same time, very rewarding.

this morning, i was checking in homework, taking attendance, paying my students for their jobs, and organizing the day when one of my students came up to me with two cookies in a sandwich bag. i know those cookies were for her lunch, but out of the kindness of her heart, she gave them to me. i told her that she should eat them for her lunch. but she looked at me and said, no, i want you to have them. so i thanked her over and over again... and told her i couldn't wait to eat them. i placed them on my desk and continued with the morning.

after lunch, the little sweet pea asked me if i enjoyed the cookies. i told her that i was saving them for later to eat. and that seemed to make her happy. i looked at those cookies all day on my desk. they looked delicious. especially, since my lunch didn't quite fill me the way i had hoped. 

at the end of the day, i placed the cookies in my school bag to bring home. i didn't have the heart to throw them away at school since i knew she really wanted me to have them. i took a nibble of one for dessert tonight and put it back in the sandwich bag. 
the december theresa would have inhaled those two cookies and not thought twice about it. now those cookies are sitting on my kitchen table. looks like someone else may be enjoying those cookies. 

maybe this guy will get a bite of a cookie when he uses his potty! we are on the road of potty training!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Step on Scale Sunday

I mentioned that i stepped on the scale last Monday. i was seriously ready to see a number in the 200s by the way i was eating my face off for the past few months. it was a tough number to see, but i was pleasantly surprised to see it in the 180s.

let me explain why, you see... it was a hard thing to do, but i got rid of all maternity clothes in september. i bagged them all up and decided that i needed to go to the store and finally figure out what size i really was. i grabbed a TON of pants from the rack and started to try them on. i bought five new pairs of pants in two different sizes. 14 and 16. my jeans i purchased were a size 14. those jeans fit GREAT. i remember it feeling really weird wearing them AND remembering to put my fly up since i hadn't done that in almost two years!

fast forward to december. those jeans no longer fit right. they were tight. and actually started to fall down since they couldn't fit over my hips any more and they actually sat on my hips instead. and... well... i ended up digging for my maternity bag and pulling out my maternity jeans. they fit amazingly and i forgot how much i loved them! i really missed them. tim pretty much laughed at me when he noticed me wearing them again. it is time to retire them for good. the past few months have killed me with trying to balance work, grad school, mother, wife...

i am stepping it up to finish all the steps to become a healthier me. step one was stepping on the scale and acknowledging my weight gain. step two will be to take just a few minutes a day to focus on me.

the number is 186.0. here we go folks, welcome to always twenty pounds to go... 2014!!

next weigh-in: Sunday, January, 12th.

Saturday, January 4, 2014


i have been trying to watch my food intake over the past few days. i have been trying to be aware of what i am eating. i have been trying to stay away from soda and sweets. i have been trying to have the will power to walk away from foods i love.

will power. ugh. i don't have it like i use to. or maybe i am just not as motivated as i was in the past. i have a friend who wrote a fantastic blog post on focusing more on herself as a resolution. Click HERE to read her post!

i feel that since Landon has been born, i have absolutely put myself on the back burner. i feel like he has to come first to everything. maybe it started with all the health concerns he had during his first year. maybe it continued when i became a "working" mom and definitely have the working mom guilt.  maybe it is just from being a mom. period.

maybe, i need to start putting a little more focus on me. whether it be to blog. or read. spend time with a friend. or even get a pedicure ( i haven't had one of those since APRIL!)... maybe if i spend a little time on myself a day, i will start to find the will power to eat healthier. maybe as i start to take care of myself more, i will find the will power to succeed more.

starting tomorrow i will begin stepping on the scale sunday. if you are interested in participating with me, let me know! it is always nice to have a friend or two to check in with!

and i will end this post with a picture of the two cutest bald babies in overalls i have ever seen!
what are ways that you are able to balance being a mom and taking some time out for yourself?

Thursday, January 2, 2014

sugar addiction

peppermint patties. snowcaps. reese pieces. pez. chocolate chip cookies. chocolate covered cherries... these are just a few of the items i had in my cabinet over the past week. the keyword in that last sentence being "had."

last night, tim and i fed our faces (okay, more me) with all the junk in the house to get rid of it all. we placed all the candy and cookies on the table and had a feast. it was the last HOO-RAH! i mean, it is IMPOSSIBLE to start counting calories when you have a cabinet full of junk.

this time around is going to be really hard. i seriously think i have an addiction to sweet stuff. i can't get enough of the chocolates, cookies, cakes, and candies. i have been eating it over the past month like there is no tomorrow. over christmas break, i had cookies for breakfast way more than i should have. but they went PERFECTLY with my cup of coffee!

this is why i need to cut out sugar the best i can. once i start eating it, i just can't stop!

i stepped on the scale on monday.... it was a tough number to see. still trying to figure out how i am going to do weigh-ins this year. i was thinking about doing "step on scale sundays." this may get me through the weekend and stay focused.

and of course i will end this post with a picture of landon. his little smile just melts my heart every time.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


tim and i rang in 2014 with just the two of us this year. one of the many changes that occurred after having landon. after putting landon to bed, we enjoyed appetizers, a nice dinner, and of course dessert. we talked about our resolutions for the new year like many people do. and funny enough we have the same exact resolutions: living healthier and laundry. yes. laundry.

living healthier has always been my new year's resolution. i'm talking FOR YEARS. and i will of course be writing a blog post on that topic alone soon. but, laundry... this post will be about laundry.

boring. waste of time. other things i could be doing. annoying. pain in the neck... are just a few words that come to mind when i think of laundry. i hate it. i have hated it forever. if laundry only had two steps to it... i would be golden and would tolerate it like other tedious chores. but, it has four. and the last two steps are where i fail. and tim too. folding and putting the clothes away.

i am not much of a nagger with completing those last two steps since i am just as guilty as not wanting to do them. so laundry either:
a. stays in laundry baskets or
b. gets folded on the basement couch and stays there.
many times i feel ambitious and think, "i will finish all the laundry to the bitter end" and then the last load sits in the dryer for a day, then placed in a basket, and maybe folded on the couch. i make the excuse of it being difficult to carry the folded clothes in a heavy basket up two flights of steps. excuses, excuses......

i can NEVER finish the whole chore. and because of this, tim and i are constantly ironing or "fluffing" up clothes in the dryer to make them look presentable. we have decided to take on the laundry challenge this new year. we will try to do a load every other day instead of just weekly. we will complete the last two steps. especially the LAST step.

and of course, i will be connecting my laundry to my living healthier. the year is 365 days. not 90. or 180. 365. i am the champ at making it through the first few steps of my weight loss journey. but then i can never finish it. i can never complete the last steps. i am hoping this year i can follow through. complete the last step of being healthy and figuring out how to get there. i am the worst at starting out my journey strong and willing... but only to finish it weak and hungry.

here's to finishing things when i start them. here's to folding laundry. and putting everything away. here's to losing this weight. here's to 2014!!

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