Wednesday, January 5, 2011

the ring.

the ring. the red, itchy, indented ring that starts at my belly button with a big circular indent (from the button) and wraps around my entire stomach. i have realized that this is one of the worst parts of gaining weight. tight, uncomfortable pants. pants that fit me twenty pounds ago and am trying to squeeze my flubby body in them now... i just can't get myself to go to a store and buy new pants...bigger pants.

i knew i was gaining weight when the second i got home from school, i would drop those work pants and put on the first pair of pants with elastic that i could find. cozy, stretchable pants. yep. i remember that day. and i ignored it. wishing back then it was a sign to start eating healthy again... ugh.

today went great. healthy breakfast and lunch. tim made another delicious salad with apples tonight! and i had a hot chocolate for dessert with a few marshamallows for 170 calories.

two new goals i want to keep track of is my water drinking and my sleeping.

i hate water. i hate it, i hate it, i hate it. i hate that i hate it. my goal is to drink a cup of water a day. and maybe move it to two cups by february.

sleeping is also rough. my bedtime is between 11 and midnight. and i am up at 5:45.... i do catch up on weekends (sleeping in til noon) but i want to get myself on a 9:30-10:00 bedtime.

hoping to get both these goals and make them into life long changes for a healthier and more confident me:)

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  1. i get tired of all the water too. i like to throw in a slice of orange or lime to jazz it up a little! keep up the good work tree!!!


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