Friday, August 5, 2011

Mexico. Part Dos.

Buenos Tardes! Throughout most of our days at Mexico, we usually followed the same schedule...

9:30-wake up
10:15-find a place to lay by the pool

11:00-swim in pool
12:00- float in pool
1:00-lay by pool
2:00 -float in pool
3:00- lunch

4:00-float in pool
5:00-get ready for dinner
6:30-happy hour
9:30- karaoke or cocktails with friends- we met some wonderful friends from Wales!!

12:00- bed
my plan to exercise and be active on this trip didn't pan out the way i expected. in fact. the only exercise i did was float on a raft through the lazy river. with a quick kick of my feet every once in a while. tim did some exercise though! he played futball (soccer) on the beach!
and i thought he was going to die. he came over to me a couple times looking like death and barely able to breathe. made me realize that we both should get active again!
as much as i loved all the unlimited food and drink... it didn't love me back... tim said i had heart burn...i don't know what it was but i was MISERABLE...i spent 4 bucks on a pack of tums and that seemed to make me feel better... i must say, i was "all inclusived out"

we were very sad to go and ended our time having one of our favorite drinks... a banana mama!
it was a fantastic trip and i look forward to hopefully traveling with tim again soon. we miss mexico, but it was great to get home! we are looking forward to transitioning our lives to a new place... a new home... to make new memories.

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