Tuesday, August 9, 2011

a rip.

today i had another fantastic day watching my niece and nephew... how could i not enjoy every second with these adorable kiddos!

yesterday, i mentioned how hard of a day it is taking care of two kids... i can't tell you how exhausting it is on the body too! i can't tell you the amount of times i sat on the floor, crawled on the floor, and bent over to the floor... i had to bend over to pick up toys. i had to bend over to pick up blankets and pillows. i had to bend over to pick up mckenna. by the 109th time i bent over, i heard a little noise. and i felt a little something.

yep. my favorite purple dress ripped right at the butt. seriously, if that doesn't tell me i better start eating healthy, i don't know what will!

to make matters worse, i was meeting a friend tonight right after babysitting... i would have to walk around all night with my backside showing! i could of cancelled but i decided i try to play McGyver and fix it... i found a few safety pins, and tacky glue and went to work while the kids took a nap. it totally did the job! i made it out with my friend, had a wonderful dinner and carried my purse behind me to cover the mess i made with glue and pins...

ready to give the dress up. we have had many memories (wedding planning, first year of marriage and two trips to mexico!) but you have done your time. thank you for holding on as long as you did. you will never be replaced... at least not in a medium...not anytime soon.

have you ever grown out of clothes and tried to hold on to them?

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