Monday, August 22, 2011

summer is over.

this was my last day of summer vacation... i go back to work bright and early tomorrow morning.

i started off my day getting a nice pedicure this morning. and ended my day packing and moving boxes into our new place. which caused my newly polished toenails to chip. oh well... at least they looked good for a few hours!

this packing thing is for the birds.
just a quick weigh in update. 154.8 gain of .2 pounds. that is a gain of 12 pounds over the summer. yikes. holy moly. jeepers creepers. that is an average 4 pounds a month. if i keep this rate up, my pants definitely won't fit me come october. they are probably already a tight squeeze now. remember "the ring"? not the scary movie... but it is scary enough! it is back in full swing!

next weigh-in: Monday, August 29th.

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