Sunday, August 21, 2011

missing in action. for 3 days!

wow! i CAN'T believe it is Sunday already. i have been super busy over the past few days... so busy that i haven't been getting home until super late... and i have been too tired to blog... hopefully that will all change when life settles down.

i have been busy getting my classroom ready for the upcoming school year, preparing for our big move next saturday, and of course drafting for fantasy football leagues... i am in FIVE!

I put the pink in football!
on friday, a friend and i took a trip out to collegeville, pa. i was DYING to show her Charming Charlies.
afterwards, we walked next door to grab lunch. i ate a greek salad with a cup of tomato soup.
after our lunch, i learned something new. i learned how to drive a STICK! it was wicked hard... but i pulled through... even when there was a mack truck behind me while i was sitting at a stop sign on a hill! HOLY MOLY! talk about stress!

to end the night we went to an indian restaurant...i ordered a creamy tomato dish... soo not healthy! but sooo good!

My new flower headband from Charming Charlies!
my eating has been a mess... creeping up the scale every week. craving routine. can't wait to get settled in our new place and for school to start.

weigh day tomorrow. yikes!

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