Tuesday, August 23, 2011

shaking it up...

today was my first day back at school... we had some time to work in our classrooms in the morning... and in the afternoon we had our faculty meeting to inform all of us on the upcoming events occurring at our school... in the middle of the meeting, i was beginning to feel a little dizzy and nauseous...i watched the chair next to me move. and i saw the carpet moving around. THANKFULLY the teacher next to me said she felt the shaking too! i wasn't going nuts or getting ready to pass out!
our principal let us out of the meeting a little early to go home... and home i went! i called my mom and she hurried over to my apartment, and together we packed up the kitchen.

she left me around 6:30 with boxes stacked and ready to be moved into our new place. after she left, i heated up last nights dinner, a slice of pizza, and drizzled it with hot sauce and ranch dressing... i know, i know... not a smart choice... but it was the only thing we had in our fridge... well except for a bottle of ketchup and a jar of olives.

whoops! packed away the plates!
now off to bed... yep. at 8:00. i am exhausted... i missed my afternoon nap today... ahhh... summer naps...i will miss you. but i know you will be back again in a short 182 school days. the wonderful life of a teacher. :)

did you feel the earthquake today? where were you when you felt it?

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