Saturday, August 6, 2011

showing off the place.

since tim and i are moving in just a couple weeks... we have had to keep our apartment in tip top shape... meaning clean and spotless. the realtor can come at ANY time to show the apartment to a future renter. this is causing us to be a little anxious when it comes to making food in our kitchen. we don't want to make a mess... or make it smelly with food. we are also putting off grocery shopping because we don't want to throw away or move a bunch of food to our new place. so because of this, we have been and will be eating out ALOT over the next couple of weeks.

yesterday we had a showing around noon which worked out perfect because i was meeting a dear friend for lunch at cosi. i ordered my favorite sandwich... the TBM (tomato basil and mozzarella sandwich) was pretty awesome.
for dinner, we met up with a couple friend and ate dinner at a hibachi... i love those places... so much action! i ordered the chicken and shrimp off the menu.

and to finish up the evening, we walked across the street from our apartment to the fair. i didn't eat anything since i was full from dinner... but that cotton candy was so hard not to look at... it smelled so good!
starting to feel icky in clothes... notice in the picture above, i am wearing a gray sweatshirt... i am wearing a gray sweatshirt in 80 degrees! this is what i start to do when i am ready to start covering myself up because clothes don't feel and look as good as they did ten pounds ago. that gray sweatshirt is covering up my widening hips and back rolls. i can feel myself heading back up the scale.

do you have certain clothes you wear to hide yourself if you gain weight?


  1. That sandwich sounds delicious! Tomato, mozz, and basil is my favorite combination.

    I've been staying away from sleeveless shirts and dresses lately after I saw a recent photo of myself in a sleeveless dress. I hated the way my arms looked.

  2. it is so good!! one of my absolute favorites!

    i have the hardest time with my hips and love handles. i have four black sweaters that i rotate throughout the school year to cover them up! that is why i enjoy your fashion friday... you have such great style and look great in all those outfits... i especially loved the pencil skirt! adorable! :)


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