Monday, August 8, 2011

don't pee in the pool.

this blog update is a shout out to all "stay at home" moms out there. your job is HARD. this week i am lucky enough to watch my nephew and niece since their sitter is on vacation. i arrived at 7:30 this morning and our day just didn't stop!

the highlight of my day was when i was so excited to fill up a little plastic pool, dip my toes, and watch the adorable little ones play in the water... that totally didn't happen! the minute both kiddos sat in the pool, my nephew had to use the bathroom... are you kidding me? i asked you a HUNDRED times before you went into the pool... and now you have to go? so i wrapped up my niece who was SOAKING wet, dried off my nephew the best i could and helped him with "the potty"... and then they were maybe entertained for a total of twenty minutes in the pool and then we were on to the next thing! all that work for a twenty minute swim.

logan was telling me he had to pee in this picture.
i was SO happy when nap time rolled around... it meant i could clean up the mess both inside and outside of the house... forget the nap i thought i would get!

well. i did it. i faced my fears and stepped on the scale. damage done. 153.6.

a friend told me today, that once i am back at work, i will get back to a normal schedule. she is so right. i have such a hard time eating healthy without a routine and schedule. i think i am ready to go back to work. (did i just say that!)

next weigh-in on Monday, August 15th.

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