Sunday, August 14, 2011


yesterday, tim and i took a BIG step in our marriage. we officially made the decision to have a joint bank account. we drove to tim's bank and added my name to his account. we are both excited to work together from one account and start budgeting and saving for our future!

after the bank, i was STARVING. i am embarrassed to say, but i went to mcdonalds. i did not get the smart choice of a happy meal. nope. not this time. i ordered a #4... a two cheeseburger meal. oh yea. and to finish it off, tim and i split a chocolate milkshake.

we then were invited to a party at a friend's house. i chatted, played cards, and chatted some more while eating a bowl of lays potato chips. after we left the party, i decided to drive to wawa and pick up some half and half for my morning coffee. while we were there i was DRAWN to the Doritos. so i bought them.
i then told tim that we should pick up something for breakfast to go with my coffee. one minute later, donuts were in my hand.
i have no willpower.

a friend of mine is very similar to me, she gains twenty and then loses it just like me! however, right now she is on the path of losing her twenty and i am on the path of gaining back my twenty... i have to admit that i am so jealous of her willpower right now. we are on different cycles with our weight. i tend to gain weight in the summer because of the lack of routine. and she tends to lose weight in the summer because she is not working and can focus on eating healthy.

tim made a point to mention that i always lose weight starting in january... new years resolution time. and i always gain weight in the summer. it is a vicious cycle. i see it now, especially when i look at old diet journals and now this blog.

do you have a weight loss/weight gain cycle?

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