Tuesday, August 16, 2011

a fat cat.

this morning, sasha had her annual vet appointment. she was a great patient... however she gained 1.6 pounds in a year. now if i only gained 1.6 pounds in a year, i would be doing cartwheels in the doctor's office... but this vet made it clear that 1.6 pounds gained on a cat in a year is like 37 pounds gained on a human in a year. holy moly!

since i am terrified of her getting sick, we started her diet the second we got home from the vet... but i really think she looks perfect just the way she is..
After the vet, i took a road trip to visit a friend. she lives in middleburg, pa so we decided to meet halfway... which happened to be Hershey! We ate lunch at Red Robin. i had a bbq chicken wrap... not the healthiest choice but it was delicious!
After lunch, we sat outside and caught up with each other. we sat and chatted as the sound of roller coasters and screams were going on around us from hershey park.
for dinner, i tried to make myself something from the food in the cabinet. i tried to make a pasta dish with red pepper flakes and parmesan cheese. i failed miserably. it tasted HORRIBLE! i had a few bites and tossed the rest in the trash. i still need a lot more practice with this cooking thing.
weighed in this morning. new number is 154.6. up another pound. jeepers creepers.

i need to put myself on the same diet as my cat.

next weigh-in: Monday August 22nd.

have you ever failed miserably at cooking dinner?

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