Thursday, August 18, 2011

wonderful time of the year.

Yesterday, tim and i made final decisions at the furniture store. we purchased a new bedroom set. a couch. and a little coffee table. we really had a blast deciding on the furniture together!
and the best part was the little cup of ice cream we received as we were walking out the door!
Back to School.
it's the most wonderful time of the YEAR!! you know that staples commercial... when all the kiddos head back to school along with their teachers. i do love the beginning of the year... getting my classroom set up... putting in place some ideas i came up with last year, but didn't get the chance to do and start. and getting back into a routine!

getting my classroom together is a lot of work and makes me really hungry! a few teachers and i ordered a large pizza pie to split for lunch...

Look! This pizza has a Barbie Table in the middle!
today, a fellow teacher and i spent some time creating an economy wheel for our classroom. we had a blast and i wanted to share it for any other teachers out there who do some kind of classroom economy!
off to meet some friends and watch the game... GO EAGLES!!


  1. hahaha! My sister and I TOTALLY used to save those pizza things to use as Barbie tables!! : )

    I like the beginning of the year too. It's fun to be a teacher before all the kids get there and mess things up.


    Sort of.

  2. ha! so glad i wasn't the only one!!

    and i totally would use the lids of mcdonald's ice cream sundaes as bowls for my stuffed dogs and cats!


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