Monday, August 15, 2011

furniture shopping.

tim and i have been very busy getting ready for our new place. we have decided to buy a new bedroom set for our new bedroom. that decision was made when i kindly explained that my bedroom set that i had since i was 3 years old just wouldn't look right in a big master bedroom.
yesterday, we drove over to Raymour and Flanigan and browsed around their store... Dolly, the sales lady, was kind of enough to follow our every move and offer us water due to the dry air in the store. tim and i sat on every bed and opened every drawer in the dressers.
we also decided to check out some couches... we found a favorite that we are also strongly considering to buy!
today, i had a fantastic lunch at my brother's place in honeybrook. my two brothers and i enjoyed each others company as i chowed down on a veggie wrap.
tonight, tim and i are heading out to look at more furniture... it has been so much fun looking and discussing how to decorate a room but also make it COMFORTABLE for the both of us. final furniture decision will be posted once we make up our minds.

and last but not least. i forgot today was monday so i didn't even think to weigh in this morning. i will be hopping on the scale first thing tomorrow... check back for an update!

do sales people, like dolly, overwhelm you sometimes?


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