Sunday, August 31, 2014

balancing life.

Happy sunday! well... another week down. this week was a tough one to focus on. i am back to work and i have my VERY last graduate class. or so i hope. this graduate class is going to be the death of me.  lots of papers and lots of writing. but once i am finished, i will officially have my principal certification... jeepers, that took FOREVER!! i might as well move on to work on my doctorate... why not?! kidding!!

one of my goals for the month of september is to pack a lunch every single day. i plan on packing it the night before. i am really working on giving my self time to get things accomplished this year. i am trying to balance work, grad school, wife, mom, and me. i have made the decision to work my hardest the 9 hours i am at work on work stuff. then the minute i leave work, i focus on being a mom and wife from 4:30-8. After 8, i work on myself except on grad school nights and projects.

i also plan to work out on saturdays, wednesdays and thursdays. i know it is only three days a week, but honestly, that is the only time i can make it work in my weekly schedule. there is only so many hours in a day.

down just a tad. but it is a loss. 21.2 pounds so far. going to keep focused and continue trucking along!!

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