Wednesday, August 13, 2014

a cheese doodle.

the past few days i have really been pushing through cravings. i have wanted every snack food in the book. it doesn't help that i have every snack food in the book right now at the house.

we had to buy some snack foods to provide for our babysitter on saturday night. cheese doodles are the "big" thing on my mind right now. an unopened bag of cheese doodles. yum. every time i open the pantry, i see them! i can easily consume the whole bag in on sitting.

tim isn't eating them. i don't want landon to eat a whole bag of cheese doodles. so they sit unopened in my closet screaming, "EAT ME!" over and over again.

it is me against the cheese doodle.
come on WILL POWER!!

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