Friday, August 15, 2014

ear tubes- take TWO

another week down. it has been a crazy, hectic week. i had a ton of appointments for both Landon and  me. the most recent one is an ENT appointment for Landon to do a quick check up on his ear tubes that were placed in his little ears when he was five months old. we have been going to the ENT every six months since then and the appointments have been quick and painless so i thought the appointment this week would be the same.......

well. i was wrong. dr. j told me that landon's ear tubes are out of the drum and there is a good amount of fluid in the left ear. this could be why we saw such a significant drop in his hearing test in may in the left ear. this could also be why we are having some speech issues. 

so surgery number TWO is set. the old set of ear tubes will come out and a new set of ear tubes will go in on september 30th. i get sad and worried just thinking about it, but know how quick and painless the whole procedure is. 

i had my MRI appointment on Monday... and i recently got a phone call from the orthopedic specialist suggesting i wear another brace on my knee to help it out. i may need to wear this brace for all exercise when i decide to go back to the treadmill.

finally, i am ending this post with a summary of my two weeks in water fitness classes. I LOVED THEM. i was super sad today as i was finishing up my last water fitness class this summer. it is truly an AMAZING way to work out and i seriously can't believe not many young people are in to it. the hour FLYS by. i keep comparing the workout to running on a treadmill. running feels like it takes FOREVER. water fitness goes so fast with all the different activities done in the pool. i plan on joining the monday evening class and hopefully go to the classes during days off during the school year. 

onto the weekend... hoping to meet my goal and touch the 170s!! 

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